Why You Should Pre-Order Link's Awakening From A Store

The release of the highly anticipated Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch is nearly here! But before you decide to pre-order your digital download of the game, here are some reasons why you should definitely pre-order a hard copy from a store.

First off - space! Digital downloads take up space on the Switch console; and even though Link's Awakening's file size of 5.8 GB may not seem like a huge issue, it's still a significant chunk of space. Plus, you'll never get to experience the satisfying feeling of holding a physical copy in your hands and ripping off the plastic to reveal a beautiful and shiny new video game.

If those two factors aren't enough, you're in luck! Popular retail chains Target and GameStop are running exclusive promotions for those gamers patient and proactive enough to pre-order or buy a physical copy.

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Gamers who buy their games at Target (through pre-ordering or in-person) can walk away with an exclusive The Legend of Zelda pin. According to Target's website, customers must physically go inside a Target - specifically, to the Electronics counter - in order to redeem their free pin. The site also notes that pin quantities are limited and there are no rainchecks - so it's recommended for shoppers to head to their local Targets as early as possible to ensure they'll receive a pin. You can check out the offer and pre-order the game from Target here.

If you're still one of the lucky ones who still has a local GameStop nearby, definitely head over on Friday because they'll be giving away some exclusive merch as well. Customers who buy the game in person will receive an exclusive double-sided Link's Awakening poster. If you've ordered the game online, either via pre-order or in-store pickup, you can still receive a poster - just make sure to print out your order confirmation page and bring it to your local store. To ensure the poster is still available, GameStop recommends calling your local store ahead of time. You can pre-order the game from GameStop here.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening retails at $59.99 and will be released this Friday, September 20.

Source: Polygon

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