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It seems like every subsequent generation of Pokémon tries to emulate the interesting dynamic between Teddiursa and its evolution Ursaring. You got Pancham with Pangoro and Stufful with Bewear. However, nothing seems more unoriginal than Cubchoo and Beartic. Poor Cubchoo constantly has mucus coming out of its nose. It might

be an odd design, but it is rather memorable and unique. Beartic, on the other hand, looks like a polar bear ripoff of Ursaring, but without the lovable charm of the brown bear with the round circle on its not-so-rotund stomach. I cannot get over the idea that Beartic is just a simple rehash of Ursaring, just with Ice powers. Even its relationship with Cubchoo is all too similar to the Teddiursa-Ursaring combo, albeit being more forgettable.

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