Princess Daisy Deserves Better

The yellow-dressed princess has been regulated to spin-off titles, never making the jump to the mainline console Mario series.

The Mario series is full of colorful heroes, dastardly villains, and lovely princesses. One such princess is perpetual fan favorite Daisy.

Making her debut in 1989's Super Mario Land, Daisy is the princess of a country called Sarasaland. In that game, she is captured by an evil alien named Tatanga. Thankfully, Mario is on the scene and defeats the alien menace. After Super Mario Land, Daisy appeared in NES Open Tournament Golf, and later made her 3D debut in Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64. Since then, the yellow-dressed princess has been regulated to spin-off titles, never making the jump to the mainline console Mario series.

This is a grave mistake, and something Nintendo should rectify in the near future.

More Than Just A Counterpart To Peach

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Despite being regulated to sports and party titles, Daisy's personality has been very fleshed out. It would be a mistake to say she is just Peach in a yellow dress. Yes, the two are heroic princesses, but the similarities end there. Daisy is something of a tomboy, having a meaner edge than her pink counterpart. Daisy is very headstrong and always ready for a fight. She is also extremely competitive, and won't hesitate to gloat in victory, as seen in her win animations from Super Mario Strikers Charged.

For years, Daisy had to live as an alternate costume for Peach in Super Smash Bros. The spunky princess finally got her due in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Echo Fighter, complete with her own unique taunts. Daisy was a requested fighter, so Nintendo is aware of the interest in the character. It's time for the company to bring her into the spotlight.

Why Hasn't Daisy Appeared In Luigi Games?

Daisy's trophy description from Super Smash Bros. Melee reads, "After her appearance in Mario Golf, some gossips started portraying her as Luigi's answer to Mario's Peach." Is there any truth to what these gossips are saying? Let's look at the evidence.

In NES Open Tournament Golf, Daisy was seen as Luigi's caddie. Her and Luigi's team name in Mario Party 5 is "Steady Sweeties." Daisy even tells Luigi, "Thanks sweetie!" during her victory scene from Mario Power Tennis. One of the biggest indicators of the two's relationship is from Mario Kart Wii. At Daisy Circuit, there is a giant statue of the two holding hands and dancing together. Nintendo loves being coy about Mario and Luigi's romantic relationships with the princesses, but there's obviously something between Luigi and Daisy.

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Despite the two sharing chemistry, Daisy has never appeared in a Luigi-centric title. She wasn't in Luigi's Mansion and its sequel, nor New Super Luigi U. She wouldn't even need to play the damsel in distress role; she could work great as a companion to Luigi on his quest, where he has to deal with her headstrong nature of getting into danger. There's a lot of potential here, but for some reason, Nintendo seems to want to keep Daisy out of mainline titles.

Sarasaland Needs To Return

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The world of Mario is fantastic and whimsical. The Mushroom Kingdom is home to Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette, and many different types of creatures. The kingdom has been explored in numerous games, from Super Mario 64 to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Unfortunately, Daisy's nation, Sarasaland, has been relegated to one game.

Sarasaland has never appeared in a 3D title. This is a shame, because the land is very unique. It features different versions of the common Mario enemies, and the actual areas mimic worldly locations, such as ancient Egypt and Easter Island. There is a ton of potential for revisiting Sarasaland in a Mario Odyssey-like adventure, or even a new 2D title.

Bring Daisy Into The Spotlight

Daisy is a great character unfairly being regulated to spin-off titles. Fans love how she differs from Peach in personality, while also retaining the persona of a princess. She finally got her fighter debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and fans are loving her there. There is certainly demand for more Daisy appearances in mainline titles. Super Princess Peach on the DS gave Peach a chance in the spotlight. It's time for a Super Princess Daisy exploring the world of Sarasaland.

Make it happen, Nintendo.

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