Pro Apex Legends Players And Mountain Dew Are Joining Forces For A Charity Stream

Pro Apex Legends players will be playing a charity stream for disabled gamers hosted by AbleGamers and sponsored by Mountain Dew.

MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL is sponsoring a mammoth 12-hour Apex Legends charity livestream, which hopes to raise money for the AbleGamers Charity. The livestream is scheduled for 12:00 PM Saturday August 10 until 12:00 AM Sunday August 11 EDT.

The event is listed on Eventbrite, and includes a link to donate to AbleGamers, whose mission is to make gaming more accessible to people with disabilities.  The description says that MNT DEW AMP GAME FUEL will pledge $50,000 to the charity and hope to raise up to $50,000 more during the event.

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According to the press release, the stream will bring together world-renowned players from several different esports teams, including Immortals, Dignitas and CLG. There will also be a guest appearance from Myles Turner, the Indiana Pacers player.

Thanks to Twitch’s support, the stream will be featured on the Twitch homepage. You can also watch it on the Ablegamers Twitch channel or on the channels of the players involved.

According to a splash screen on the Ablegamers Twitch page, the creators involved include H3Cz, Aydan, NiceWigg, Madness, Nokokopuffs, linz, Varietyhc, Hurriwind, Muyskerm, Kate, SpawnOnMe, BigCheeseKIT and Imperial. All their details are linked on the AbleGamers channel page, along with more information about the charity itself.

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The Able Gamers Charity works with disabled people in several ways, to help them become more involved in the gaming industry.

One of the services they offer is a controller grant. This involves working with disabled gamers to find a custom controller that best fits their needs, allowing them to game.

The charity’s Expansion Pack Program is an initiative to provide an accessible game room for hospitals or assisted living facilities. They aim to provide all the equipment needed as well as set up, staff training and lifetime support of the program.

As well as working with custom hardware they also work with the gamers themselves. AbleGamers set up a game testing group, which allows disabled gamers to give direct feedback to developers before the game's release. They also work directly with developers to help them add more accessibility features to titles.

Finally, they sponsor those with disabilities, allowing them to attend gaming events, compete in esports and give talks.

If you want to help the team meet their goals, tune in to the livestream later today.

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