Pro PUBG Tips For Beginners

Having sold a combined effort of over 30 million copies worldwide across both PC and Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG) is arguably one of 2017’s most successful games and is often credited as kick-starting the Battle Royale genre.

Despite breaking Steam’s Current Player Count – once again – with more than 3.1 million concurrent players in December, it is no wonder that some of the games newer players may feel a little intimidated.

However, this is simply due to the fact that many beginners are often thrown into the deep end, as the game provides very little, or no explanation regarding how to successfully play without becoming a punching bag for some of  PUBG's more skilled players.

Thankfully though, your time as a noob will soon be coming to an end, as we gathered a number of useful professional tips to help any beginner in winning their very first match.

From tips and techniques involving weapons, attachments, inventory management, and even uncovering some of the game’s most useful features, here are seven pro tips to help any PUBG beginner in earning that much-desired Chicken Dinner.

Be Smart & Stay Vigilant

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Staying vigilant to your surroundings is arguably one of the most important things to remember when trying to survive in PUBG, as it is often your surroundings that can provide the most important clues when dealing with incoming enemies.

Whether you are simply looting buildings or traversing the map, it is essential to your survival that your sound is working correctly. Sound can often be broken down into two key opponents—listening for any incoming enemies, but also limiting the amount of sound that you personally make. This sound can come in the form of traveling in vehicles, shooting at unnecessary times, or simply running when walking could have easily done the job.

It is important to remember that while you may not be seen by your enemy, they may very well be able to hear your incoming approach. Therefore walking—depending on your situation—usually provides the best results as you will be less likely to be heard by any nearby enemies.

By turning up your sound settings, you’ll quickly be able to pick off those rather noisy players as they run aimlessly past you.


Get To Know Your Gear & Weapons

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If you want to succeed in PUBG, then learning the games core weapons and gear is a must, as each weapon has its own specific use.

As a general rule of thumb, assault rifles will be your go-to weapon for standard combat situations, however, snagging weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns will always provide you with an advantage over other players—especially when paired with an awesome attachment such as a scope, suppressor, or even a better stock.

We get it, scopes are cool. But not every weapon should have a scope, as it is best to only place these attachments on sniper rifles to help increase their already lengthy distance. Assault rifles are also another weapon that should avoid being paired with a scope, as red dot sights have been proven to work best as they are not necessarily a weapon used for long distance targets.

It is also important to note that aiming down the sight of your newly acquired scope makes you run out of breath quicker. So, it would be wise to limit its use to only when necessary as you never know when you may need your breath!

Ultimately though, while there may be a few key weapons that help provide an advantage over other players, it does come down to which weapons you feel most comfortable using – so don’t be afraid to take some time to learn which weapons suit you best.

Gear is much the same, as you’ll want to seek out the best level three-tier items as possible. Body armor, backpacks, and health items should always remain as top priority after finding suitable weapons upon starting the game, as extra protection is a key factor in your survival.


Inventory Management Is Key

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Sick and tired of that constantly full backpack? Not sure what you should carry or where your weapons should be placed? Well, this is an all too common theme among new players within the PUBG community.

The number one key to managing your inventory is to remember that you should only be carrying what you need, as your backpack should always remain as light as possible. There is also a small white bar near the backpack that can help indicate the amount of weight that your backpack is currently holding.

But what is the best strategy for picking up items? Well, it has been discovered that the best method to looting is by simply walking over to each pile and quickly drag the items into the backpack. Each pile should only take a few seconds to sort through.

It is also important to remember that the looting process should always be done as quickly as possible, as many players often fall victim looting deaths as they take far too long in deciding what items they want to take. To avoid this situation, have a mental list prepared of key items that you need and only look for them– weapons, attachments, first aid kits, and ammunition should be your main priority.

Managing your backpack to help ensure an easy transition between your weapons is also a must, as you should always try to have a backup weapon such as a shotgun or sniper rifle placed in your second weapon slot, as this minuscule little detail can often make or break your play-through.


Study The Map & Think Outside The Box

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That’s right, thinking outside the box is what is going to get you that Chicken Dinner that you so ever desire as if you want to succeed in PUBG you are going to have to earn it.

With a fan base of well over 30 million people, it is no wonder that the competitive shooter has already started building their own league of professional players. However, as each day continues to pass, players are continually getting better and uncovering new tactics.

For this reason, it is this useful tip that many beginners often fail to remember—research. As ridiculous as it may sound, research is the key to uncovering some of PUBG’s most helpful secrets like vehicle spawn locations, the most loot worthy towns, and the rather hidden towns that didn’t exactly appear on the Miramar desert map, as it has been known to be a hot area for weapons, armor, and other general loot.

That’s not all though. The area has become quite the hot zone for players scouting for the ideal sniper nest, as many of the building are perfect candidates for you and your friends to hide away in.

Others have even let slip that the new Miramar desert map even features a unique cover option —hay bales.


Customize Your Controls & Settings

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There is honestly nothing worse than clunky controls, especially when playing competitive online shooters, as they can often make or break your performance.

Whether it is the unrealistic combinations or simply having to move your fingers off core controls, it is vital to your success that your controls are not only comfortable, but they are also easy to memorize. Let’s be honest though, PUBG isn’t exactly known for its smooth standardized controls.

Sensitivity is also a key factor when it comes to navigating throughout the game ,with most of these settings coming down to your choice of hardware. You may also find that you might have to alter your sensitivity levels to suit your playing style.

Thankfully though, when playing a game that is owned by millions of people worldwide and is notorious for its rather competitive nature, the internet is full of useful guides on the most effective control set-ups that are currently available.

However, it is ultimately up to you to decide what feels most comfortable while playing.


Stay In The Safe Zone & Don’t Get Caught In The Open

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Despite its rather large open world environment, you aren’t exactly able to travel freely all over the map, as you will eventually be constricted into a number of smaller playing area over the course of the game.

This area, which is indicated via the map as a white circle, is where this designated playing field will take place, with a timer being issued as to how quickly you need to be inside this area. If you are caught outside the safety zone of the white circle, you’ll quickly come upon a blue force field (also indicted on the map) that will quickly begin edging its way closer as the timer depletes.

And trust us, you do not want to be caught by this force field as it not only moves very quickly, but it will also slowly, but surely kill you. It is this fast-paced gameplay that requires you to continually be on the move, which often forces players out of hiding and into some rather chilling face-to-face confrontations. If you are unlucky enough to be caught out in the open, holster your weapon and simply zig-zag your way to safety rather than the all too common straight-line method.

However, one of the most important tips to always remember is that while navigating your way to the safe-zone, you should always stay out of sight and use trees to your advantage as they often provide great cover as traveling in large open areas is quite possibly one of the worst decisions you can ever make in PUBG.


Free Look Is Your New Best Friend

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For those that have ever played a competitive online shooter, you will know all too well the struggles of having to constantly check every direction for any incoming enemies. Thankfully though, PUBG has just the feature to help you overcome this issue.

In a feature that isn’t exactly made clear at the get-go, players can actually enter a free look mode by pressing “Alt” and using the mouse to navigate the camera more freely around the player. It is with this feature that players can peek around corners, and peer through windows without being seen at all.

Players can also ultimately be running one way, while viewing a completely different direction. This is arguably one of the most overlooked features that new players continually miss when they first start playing the game – which sets them up at quite a disadvantage when versing more skilled players.


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