10 Pro Tips For Video Game Speedrunners

Speedrunning is the practice of completing an entire or level of a video game as fast as possible. The accomplishment is done competitively and leisurely. Although speedrunning doesn't pay as much as traditional esports, one can earn quite a bit from sponsors and audience support by broadcasting their gameplay.

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Becoming an efficient speedrunner doesn't happen by chance. People dedicate hundreds and in some cases, thousands of hours to improve their time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a game that takes players on average twenty-six and a half hours to beat. The person with the world record in speedrunning completed Ocarina of Time in a mere 17 minutes, 1 second, and 556 milliseconds! These are 10 pro tips for speedrunners that you can't miss.

10 Choose Games That Rely Less On RNG (Random Number Generation)

It doesn't make logical sense to choose games that are dependant on RNG (Random Number Generation). RNG means that players will have a game with randomized results instead of being based purely on skills.

Of course, if you like the idea of having randomized results, choosing games based on RNG isn't a bad thing. Mario Kart is a game that relies on RNG through its random item spawns. Generally speaking, you want to play a game like Pokémon Yellow that relies on some RNG but avoid a game like Mario Kart that's heavily centered around RNG.

9 Try To Avoid Resetting

Most players' first instinct would be to reset when they have messed up a speedrun. Avoid this instinct and play your games all the way through. By playing it all the way through, you won't play the beginning way more times than the end.

Ideally, you should practice each part of the game equally. Dying at a boss whose health is dwindling or falling off a cliff are examples of frustrations that could bring a gamer to hit the reset button.

8 Watch The Best Speedrunners

Cosmo Wright (real name Narcissa Wright) is a famous speedrunner who made tens of thousands of dollars streaming on Twitch. People were captivated by her speedrunning ability.

Once, Cosmo Wright appeared on CNN for her accomplishments in gaming. She was able to run nearly perfect speedruns on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but despite her popularity and success in gaming, she decided to quit for health reasons. One health reason being the toll gaming took on her hands. Players can learn from Cosmo Wright's issues by perhaps wearing gloves.

7 Pick A Game That You Already Play Casually

If your someone who spends plenty of time replaying Super Smash Bros.'s multiplayer against three computers at the level nine difficulty setting, then it might be a good idea for you to speedrun Super Smash Bros.

Ideally, you should pick a game that you're already good at, so you don't struggle as a speedrunner. Speedrunners are professional gamers who can complete games in a miraculously short amount of time. It is advisable to pick a game that you already play casually.

6 Decide What Type Of Speedrun You're Going To Do

There are various types of speedrunning, with some being easier for different people. If it's a glitched run, any% glitchless run, a glitch run with no save corruption or one that requires you to get all of a particular item, you have to pick one. Speedrunning a game by normal completion is okay, but be aware that it's not the only option.

To be an effective speedrunner, your speedrun time should be repeatable. Scoring a fast completion time once means it could have been luck and not skill. If you have mastered a variety of techniques and are consistently getting fast times, you might be a professional speedrunner.

5 Know Your Game's Glitches And Bugs

If you're doing a glitch speedrun, it is advisable to learn all of the game's glitches. Glitches can ruin a game, but in speedrunning, they can have the reverse effect. Players are continually finding new glitches in games to improve their time.

Recently, someone found a glitch to get an extra coin in Super Mario 64. The coin was trapped underground, which entirely changes a 100% completion run and puts previous records into question.

4 Strategy Guides Are Filled With Speedrunning Tips

Those guides that are slowly collecting dust at the back of your closet are actually beneficial for speedrunners. Sure, you maybe have completed the game and could do it again, yet guides might contain the secrets needed to shave a few seconds off your fastest time.

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Whether it is a paper copy or one you found online, strategy guides can be handy for bettering your time. Sure, watching speedrunners play is inspirational, but even veteran players can miss out on strategies in a strategy guide.

3 Use A Speedrunning Software To Track Your Times

When speedrunning a video game, it can be broken down into sections. Using software, such as the one at livesplit.org, can help you organize your runs. It is more effective to try to beat the world record in every section, then doing it as a whole.

This way you can see what part of the games you do the best and worst on, as well as find additional information about your speedruns. You can tell which sections you need to practice and will be able to do it in the most efficient way possible.

2 Fill Up On Plenty Of Fluids (The Healthy Kind)

If you're a gamer who loads up on salty snacks during twenty-four-hour stream (who doesn't), chances are you're going to be thirsty. A ton of people go through their days dehydrated and don't realize it. Just like any other sport, players who drink water and live an active, healthy lifestyle play better at video games.

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Fill up on plenty of fluids and resist the temptation of drinking pops and other sugary drinks. Hopefully, you chose a speedrunning game that can be paused for a washroom break; otherwise, you'll find yourself in every gamer's worst nightmare.

1 Practice The Endgame For An Efficient Finish

The ending of Halo 3 finished with a Warthog race against time. Escaping the impending destruction of the Ark was an exhilarating experience. Endings like Halo 3's Warthog race (all the Halo games end with a race) should be practiced over and over for the most efficient finish.

Heading towards the end, some speedrunners are going to be sluggish, and if you're someone who starts over a lot, you may not have played the ending as many times as the beginning. Make it habitual to practice the endgame for an efficient finish.

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