25 Glaring Problems With Dragon Ball Super Fans Won’t Admit

Dragon Ball Super was going to bring the franchise back in a strong way. It was going to be the big comeback for one of the most popular animated shows ever made. People were hyped and they had every right to be. It had been over 20 years since we had a new Dragon Ball show. Akira Toriyama was back at the helm and hopes were high. They couldn't possibly do worse than Dragon Ball GT. That's what the fans believed. When you're already at the bottom, how can you go further below?

Well, Toei Animation found a way to dig themselves further underground. Dragon Ball Super turned out to be a very average show that, in some respects, was worse than Dragon Ball GT. It failed to capture the essence of the original show that made people fall in love. It's sad to say, but Dragon Ball Super was an utter disappointment for fans and newcomers. Rather than reviving the franchise and making it relevant once again, we find ourselves back to the beginning. That's not to say the show has nothing good about it, but those moments are like finding a diamond in a coal mine.

The following list outlines 25 of the major faults associated with Dragon Ball Super. This is by no means every problem with the show, but some of the ones that fans may not readily be willing to accept. You may have noticed these issues while watching the show. If you're yet to watch Dragon Ball Super, then be warned as there will be spoilers.

25 Poor Animation Quality

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I'm sure everyone has seen this image before. Even people who have no interest in Dragon Ball would no about the infamous episode 5. This particular episode had some of the worst art in Dragon Ball history. You have to feel for the animators. They weren't given enough time to perfect their craft.

Outside of episode 5, Dragon Ball Super has poor animation throughout. It does get a little better later on, especially during key moments. Still, the quality is well below par for a series with a reputation like Dragon Ball.

24 Zamasu Is A Terrible Villain

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This guy is awful. There is nothing compelling or interesting at all about Zamasu. He is one of the worst villains ever made in Dragon Ball history. Which is sad since he was the first major villain of the show (the first two arcs don't count).

His main gimmick is that he hates humanity and wants to exterminate everyone. Only the gods are worthy of existing. His reason for this hatred is that humans are imperfect and base creatures. Zamasu's solution is to wipe them all out. His motive is as bad as his solution. His monologues make everything worse.

23 The Tournament Of Power

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The Tournament of Power had the potential to redeem every mistake made by Dragon Ball Super. To do that, this arc had to be near-perfect in execution. The idea was good enough for a great final saga to end Dragon Ball Super.

Things didn't go quite according to plan.

The Tournament dragged on for too long and had too many filler or boring fights. Another issue is the ending. It's revealed that Zeno was going to erase all of the competing universes, if not for Goku's suggestion. This destroyed one of the compelling aspects of the Tournament with Goku having to shoulder the responsibility of the erased universes.

22 The First Two Arcs Are Pointless

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The first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super re-do the recent movies: Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F. There was absolutely no need to do that and in only served to waste everyone's time.

The movies were great. They did have some problems, but we enjoyed them. No one wanted Dragon Ball Super to tell us the same stories, except done worse. The show should've started with the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 arc.

21 Same Old Gohan

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Fan expectations were high in regard to Gohan. Perhaps he was finally going to receive the spotlight he deserves. Sadly, Gohan doesn't truly hit the mark. Akira Toriyama continues to tease fans by making Gohan mostly useless.

He's so out of practice that powering up causes him to faint. I don't see why Gohan can't train on the side. People go to the gym despite having busy schedules. And it's evident that a little bit of training for Gohan yields massive rewards. He does have a decent run in the Tournament of Power, especially in the manga where he tied with Kefla.

20 No Character Development

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It's true that Dragon Ball Z isn't popular solely due to characters and story. Yet, the show did try to make these characters interesting to the audience. There should be more to them than "I like to train and fight".

Sadly, that's what Dragon Ball Super resorts to.

Goku was hit the hardest as he seems to care about very little other than fighting. Now, he has always loved to fight. But there was another side to him that we saw during his time spent with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Other characters have also stagnated and show no growth throughout the show.

19 The "Legendary" Super Saiyan

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Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan isn't a great movie. However, Broly at least felt like he was worthy of the title Legendary Super Saiyan. He was immensely powerful and it took the combined effort of 4 Super Saiyans to beat him.

Kale, on the other hand, is never that impressive. Her version is generally throwing a few tantrums and causing some general chaos with accomplishing anything. This was a golden opportunity to improve the transformation, but they've wasted the chance. The upcoming Broly movie is our last hope now.

18 Jiren's Backstory

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What a letdown. Even more so than Kale. We knew nothing about Jiren for a long time except that he was strong. Then, we were finally graced with his horrible and cliched backstory.

For some reason, it's as if Toei hired the person who writes character backstories for Naruto to make one up for Jiren. It feels forced and tried to elicit an emotional response from the audience even though the show didn't deserve it.

17 Vegito Isn't Good Anymore

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The new changes to how Potara earrings mean that only Kais can permanently fuse. Everyone else? You have a time limit. Vegito had a 15-minute time limit which apparently was shorter than usual because of the Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

They couldn't give us this one thing. Vegito was unable to finish off Majin Buu since he wanted to save his friends and family. There was no excuse with Zamasu! The battle between Vegito and Zamasu should've been longer and ended with victory for the heroes.

16 Super Saiyan Is Too Easy

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Dragon Ball Z had already turned the legendary transformation into child's play by giving Goten and Trunks access to it. Even Gotenks was able to reach Super Saiyan 3 after seeing Goku use the form once.

Dragon Ball Super takes it to the next step by giving more easy transformations to Caulifla. She achieves her Super Saiyan and (and Super Saiyan 2) forms by focusing really hard. No anger, no emotional experiences. She just really wanted to be one.

15 Goten And Trunks Are Irrelevant

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These two were far from fan favourites in Dragon Ball Z, but they had potential. Gotenks was a smart way to get both characters at a decent power level. However, in Dragon Ball Super, we barely see them in action.

They could've participated in the Tournament of Power. Goku wanted "combat experience", but come on, that's a lame excuse. How could Master Roshi and Tien be more useful than two half-Saiyans?

14 Lack Of Compelling Villains

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Not every arc needs a big bad at the end for the heroes to face. But Dragon Ball Super doesn't have a single villain to spice up the story. Beerus becomes good, Frieza helps out at the end and Zamasu is horrible. The Tournament of Power has no real villain since everyone is fighting to survive.

The show flirted with the idea of Goku being a sort of pseudo-villain. He was supposed to be the cause of the several universes being erased. However, that was always the plan according to Zeno and Goku had unintentionally saved everyone.

13 Goku Is Dumber Than Ever

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This was something that bothered many fans. Goku had somehow regressed and become more immature than before. He's constantly doing idiotic things and getting into dumb situations. Not to mention how immature he acts all the time.

Goku has always had a bit of problem fitting in with society since he grew up in the woods. But he was never THIS stupid. You'll be questioning his every act and wondering how such a decision was ever greenlit.

12 Future Trunks Isn't The Same

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Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z is one of the coolest characters. In Dragon Ball Super, that 'coolness' factor disappeared. He did have a few awesome moments, like that final fight against Zamasu. Overall, he just didn't feel a bit different.

There's little explanation for this shift in his personality other than Zamasu causing chaos in the future. Still, he wasn't like this after the Androids attacked during Dragon Ball Z. This isn't a huge issue, but something to consider when watching the show.

11 Kefla Is Too Strong

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Kefla has a cool design and all, but she's far too powerful in the context of the story. She completely outclasses Goku and even breaks Jiren's meditation for a split second.

Potara earrings are good, but they can't be THAT good.

Goku is forced into Ultra Instinct and finally manages to defeat Kefla. It's a little strange that Kefla is able to surpass Super Saiyan Blue so easily. Problems like this arise when the rules of a universe aren't established, in this case, the Potara earrings.

10 Mastered Ultra Instinct

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Ultra Instinct started off as a great return to form for Dragon Ball Super. It was a new transformation and Goku became the hero we all wanted him to be. The design was great as it was simply Goku's base form but with silver eyes.

Things went downhill when Goku "mastered" the form. His hair became a strange silver color and didn't look as good. It also added too much complexity to the concept of Ultra Instinct that wasn't really needed.

9 Sinister Goku Is Lame

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This "bad" Goku was such a poorly executed idea. The plot twist was that Zamasu used the Dragon Balls to obtain Goku's body. First of all, it makes no sense for Zamasu to know about Goku since this was during the Future Trunks timeline where the Saiyan is deceased.

Also, he's just a boring character. The gimmick is seeing Goku do sinister things. Except it's not Goku. And Zamasu is not a good villain. Turles was a better attempt at making an evil version of Dragon Ball's main hero.

8 The Midi-chlorian Of Dragon Ball

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The original vision for the Super Saiyan transformation was more prophetic. It was a legend among the Saiyan race and something that only certain people can obtain. However, Akira Toriyama dropped a bombshell truth about it during Dragon Ball Super.

The actual cause of the transformation is something called S-Cells. The more S-Cells a Saiyan has, the easier it is for them to become a Super Saiyan. This is similar to the controversial Midi-chlorians from Star Wars to explain Jedi powers. In other words, it ruins the mystery and tells us something we don't need to know.

7 Android 17 Is Overpowered

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There's no explanation as to why or how Android 17 had become so powerful. He was able to shield Goku and Frieza from an extremely powerful attack from Jiren. Not to mention how many times he managed to save Goku and his friends.

There's no reason for Android 17 to be this much stronger than Android 18. He's able to come close to Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Golden Frieza which is insane. He's a cool character but overstayed his welcome.

6 Super Saiyan Blue Is Underwhelming

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It didn't take long for this transformation to be outdated. This form was barely strong enough for Goku and Vegeta during the Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball should try and stick with a transformation for a longer period of time.

It was sad to see Kefla overpower Super Saiyan Blue Goku so easily.

They're supposed to be Super Saiyan Gods. Instead, they feel more like Super Saiyan peasants. Vegeta was forced to improve the Super Saiyan Blue transformation so he could stay competitive.

5 Non-Sense Power Scaling

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To keep all of the characters in the same league, Dragon Ball Super had to make some tough choices. Characters like Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and the others had received unexplained power boosts.

There is no way these weaklings should be able to fight on a multiverse level. How can the strongest fighters of every universe be on the level of Master Roshi? The old man even helped knock some enemies out!

4 Ignoring Majin Buu

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Twice is the number of times Majin Buu missed out. During the Universe 6 vs 7 battles, he failed a written test and was kicked out. He missed the Tournament of Power because he fell asleep and wouldn't wake up.

His new thin look was a sign that we were finally going to get something new and interesting with Buu. Yet, we were once again left disappointed. Majin Buu should've been in the squad, preferable replacing Master Roshi or Krillin.

3 Average Fight Scenes

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As a whole, the fighting in Dragon Ball Super has been disappointing. There have been a few decent ones like Goku vs Hit and anything Ultra Instinct. But overall, it was not up to the standard of modern animation.

It comes back to the poor animation quality of the show preventing the fight scenes from looking as good as they should. Shows like One Punch Man are setting the standard now. Dragon Ball just looks like a relic from an old era.

2 Lack Of Storytelling

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Some may say that story doesn't matter in Dragon Ball. Is that really true though? Would you be able to get through the Frieza Saga if the plot had no direction or purpose? How about the Cell Saga without the gradual progression of Cell?

The truth is, even an action-heavy show needs a compelling story to hook the viewers.

Otherwise, everyone would just search up the fight scenes on Youtube and not watch the show. That is the case with Dragon Ball Super. It desperately needed a good story to keep the audience engaged at all times.

1 Too Many Characters

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Dragon Ball Super just had too many characters. How can you expect to flesh out many of these new additions if there are so many? Now, not everything was bad. Cabba was a great new character and showed us a new side to Vegeta.

But most of the other new people like Caulifla, Jiren, Toppo, and others were underdeveloped. The show should'be kept it between Universe 6 and 7 only. That way, we could've spent more time with these few characters and grown to love them.

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