Project Scorpio Price And Release Date Revealed By E3 Trailer?

Prior to the E3 keynote, Microsoft may have revealed new information about Project Scorpio hidden in a teaser trailer. The trailer was released yesterday and intended as a hype-up to the E3 event. If the fans who uncovered these hints are correct, then it will mean the following: it will be sold for $399, will be launched on October 13th, and its official name will be Xbox 10 S. Because Microsoft has not confirmed any of these rumors, they are merely speculation at this time.

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The title of the console and its release date are simple enough to explain. In a crowd shot in two of the short teasers, there is a clear image of text on the side of the stage that reads: X10S101-317. Allegedly, this was done through editing and was thus intended to be seen. This is par for the course for Microsoft, however. In their first teaser, there is an image of a Ferris wheel and on it "6>4", seen as a jab at Sony for their PS4 Pro's 4.12 teraflop to Project Scorpio's 6.

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The deciphering of the text at the side of the stage is fairly straightforward. The texts last six digits, forgetting the hyphen, read 101317, or October 13th, 2017.  The remainder of the text is likely the consoles name: "X10S" means Xbox 10 S. There are reasons for this. First of all, while the immediate response might be to suggest Xbox 1 OS, Microsoft recently trademarked "S" in specific font for previous marketing for the Scorpio. This leads fans to believe that it is in fact Xbox 10 S. This implies that they are marketing it alongside Microsoft's Windows 10 OS.

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The next bit of speculation on the price is a little more far fetched. Fans who entered the text "X10S101-317" into Google saw that the first image result was a picture from a magazine from 1980. The magazine, Radio Electronics featured a picture of a robot similar to the size and physical look of the R2D2 droid from Star Wars. Accompanying the image was the text: "Build This Robot for Under $400". Since the time of that discovery, the term inputted into Google yields very different results. What is clear is that Microsoft organized that text in a very specific way, and for a clear reason.

Whether the rumors are right remains to be seen, but can be expected to be confirmed or denied at the E3 Xbox event on Sunday, June 11th, and 2:00pm PT.

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