Project Zomboid: 10 Best Game Cheats

Everyone needs a little extra help to survive the zombie apocalypse, and these project zomboid cheats are the perfect thing!

Project Zomboid is a fun indie game that has the player fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse. Surviving requires the player to constantly worry about things like hunger, thirst, disease, shelter, and having enough weapons and ammo on hand to handle the zombies at your door. Ultimately though the player is merely delaying the inevitable as the game continues until the player falls to the zombies.

It’s a tough game at times and the inevitability of death has inspired players to create mods to use cheats to either extend their lifespan, give their character’s a better start, or simply to mow through zombies without worrying about death knocking on their door. Here are some of the better cheats that can make the game a little easier, a little longer, or just simply to remove any and all risk of dying.

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10 Backup Save File

This is the one entry on this list that doesn’t require players to download a mod in order to cheat. Typically when a player dies in the game, their character becomes a zombie and they are respawned as a new character in the map.

Some people, however, have grown so attached to their characters that the idea of losing them to the zombie virus is too much to bear. To avoid this dilemma, players will create backups of their save files and store them outside of the game’s files. Then when the player dies or is at risk of losing their character they can simply replace their current save file with the old one they stashed away and will have only lost a little bit of progress. It’s basically a manual checkpoint system in a game not designed to have checkpoints or do-overs.

9 God Mode

This is perhaps the most common cheat utilized by players in practically every game. God mode prevents the player from receiving any damage and will make them immortal. From a gameplay standpoint, it removes any and all risk which makes a survival game, which requires risk to be entertaining, kind of pointless.

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Some people, however, enjoy the freedom God Mode provides and honestly, the ability to wade into a horde of zombies without being scathed can be a really epic feeling. It tends to lose its charm after the thousandth zombie kill and players will find themselves toggling this off or abandoning the game altogether if they abuse this cheat too much.

8 Infinite Carrying Weight

As a survival game, you are tasked with amassing resources necessary for survival. You’ll need things like food, water, ammo, weapons, gear, and raw materials to build structures. Unfortunately, everything in this game has a weight and your character can only carry so much at any given time, forcing players to prioritize what they pick up and potentially leaving something valuable behind.

Having a mod that gives your character an infinite carrying capacity or even removing the weight requirements of the items negates this issue. Your character will go from deliberating over which shotgun to put in their pack to carrying hundreds into battle. It doesn’t break the game too much and eliminates the tedium of making multiple trips to the same spot over and over again to get everything.

7 Fly Mode

Perhaps the next most common cheat after God Mode, Fly Mode gives players the ability to explore the game world from high in the sky. It’s a great cheat for being able to explore different parts of the game without running into any obstacles and can even give access to areas the developers never intended for players to reach.

It is a little overpowered in Project Zomboid, as zombies are incapable of flying and as a result, you’ll never die so long as you stay in the air. But eventually, you will be required to land and gather resources needed to survive which can expose you to risk. It’s a great cheat for those who’ve played through the game a few times and merely wish to explore the world at their leisure.

6 Teleport

This is an interesting cheat in that it gives the game a new mechanic that requires additional strategy to fully exploit. Basically, this cheat allows players to mark specific areas of the game for them to be able to teleport to later, players can mark their base and teleport there in an instant enabling them to avoid death when surrounded by a horde. It can also be used to teleport to important areas that might have lots of supplies that can’t be gathered in one trip.

It’s still a cheat in that it allows you to bypass many of the dangers present when walking back and forth between two points. But given that it requires you to find and mark the area first makes it a more tolerable cheat for some players.

5 Refill Ammo

With the high number of respawning zombies in this game, having enough ammo to keep the undead masses at bay is frequently a problem and often the main cause of death for players. The refill ammo cheat or infinite ammo cheat gives players access to unlimited ammo that they can spray into the rotted faces of their enemies without worrying about running out.

Like others on this list, it’s one of the more acceptable cheats in that it doesn’t remove the player’s risk of dying to thirst, hunger, and other factors so there’s still always a threat. Honestly, if enough zombies are on the screen infinite ammo will merely delay your death, but it can be a fun cheat to let you exact revenge on the zombies that have been killing your characters over and over again.

4 Delete Mode

This is an incredibly handy cheat, especially for those who enjoy building in this game. This cheat allows a player to delete objects in the game that might be blocking their path to certain areas or simply give them a redo on item placement. Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to accumulate the resources needed to build a structure only to accidentally put it in the wrong place and this cheat removes that issue.

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Other versions of this cheat will also allow players to delete parts of the environment, allowing the player to replace say a section of fence or tree to open up new pathways that might be more convenient. It’s a fun cheat for reshaping your world and removing the headaches that come with building.

3 Creative Mode

Speaking of cheats handy for building, the permanent creative mode will allow players to build things in the game at zero cost and instantaneously. Players in survival can quickly throw up a stronghold to keep their player alive without having to spend countless hours gathering the necessary supplies first.

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This is a great cheat for those wanting to get creative or for those who want an easier start in the game by having a premade base. It’s also great when players are ready to rage quit after miscalculating the resource requirements for a structure and find themselves one item short.

2 Barricade Mode

A key element of survival in Project Zomboid is ensuring there are as many layers of protection possible between you and the zombies’ teeth. Barricading objects in your base is key to keeping the hordes at bay and can extend a player’s life span in the game.

This cheat allows a player to instantly barricade objects to a desired level at no cost. It’s useful when you find your base’s defense unprepared for an attack or if you simply want a safe place to hang your head while you are figuring out the game. Industrious players can combine this cheat with other build friendly cheats to build a practically indestructible fortress.

1 No Delay Between Shots

This is another really fun cheat for players who’re becoming exhausted with the grind and frequent death and just want to unleash some violence upon the undead hordes. No delay between shots means that shotguns will now fire like machine guns.

Combine this cheat with something like infinite ammo and you can endlessly fire blasts into the rotting undead for massive carnage. It’s great for mowing down hordes if you find yourself dealing with too many to handle or simply to have fun, but keep this cheat on too long and you’ll find yourself unable to go back to the standard weapon fire rate which will seem incredibly sluggish by comparison.

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