PS Plus Accidentally Links To Free Origin Games

A PlayStation Plus leak accidentally linked to a free Origin game but is almost certainly not going to be the free games offered by PS Plus for August.

For those who have fallen on the Xbox side of the great console wars, PlayStation Plus is a paid PlayStation Network subscription service that offers premium features such as free beta trial access for certain titles and big discounts on games. It also comes with a pair of free games every month. For July, those games are Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo.

What free games will be available the following month is usually announced just before that month begins, however, sometimes there are leaks. Such is the case for August.

A new post on the Battlefield V subreddit makes it seem like that game might be one of the two freebies offered on PlayStation Plus. Provided as evidence is a pretty convincing photo that shows the PS Plus logo right next to the title.

Battlefield V
via Reddit

However, ever response in the comments indicates that Battlefield V still requires PS Plus members to pay, so it seems this is likely a mistake. EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 24th, so the more likely explanation is that PlayStation Plus accidentally linked what will become free for EA Access subscribers starting next week.

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That said, another leak from Glitched.Africa seems to have another pair of options, both of which are EA titles. Screenshots provided to the publication show UFC 3 and Star Wars Battlefront II as the PS Plus games of August.

Battlefront II
via Glitched.Africa

It would make a lot of sense for EA to offer some of their titles to PS Plus subscribers in order to convince them to pay another monthly fee for their games. Battlefront II is a great option since it gives players a primer for the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, set to release this November.


UFC 3, meanwhile, is just a stupid fighting game, and everyone loves those, right?

Take all of these options with a huge grain of salt, naturally. We don’t know what games will become free on PlayStation Plus until Sony makes an official announcement, and we seem weeks away from anything like that.

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