Titanfall 2 And Monster Energy Supercross Are PlayStation Plus’ December Freebies

Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross join PlayStation Plus' instant-game-selection in December.

Sony has revealed the free game selection PlayStation Plus members will get for December 2019 and it's a very odd mixture of titles. Titanfall 2 is the obvious standout, but it's hard to draw a connection between it and Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame. Maybe they're both high octane titles? It most certainly isn't because they're both average.

Titanfall 2 is something of a cult classic. While published by EA and developed by Respawn (responsible for the massively popular Apex Legends), the game was overlooked on release due to being positioned between the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield entries. EA practically sent the game out to die and many were worried that Respawn would suffer the consequences. Thankfully, the company was given a second chance to create some games it really wanted to, which resulted in the aforementioned Apex and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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Monster Energy Supercross, though? Does anyone even really know what that game is? Would you be surprised if I told you a sequel is already out in the wild? Developer Milestone srl is mostly responsible for the WRC and MotoGP series, so it's surprising that it couldn't turn a motocross game into something fun. This mostly seems like some filler to satisfy the two-game a month quota.

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If you happen to be an owner of a PlayStation VR headset, Sony will be giving away a free trial for Firewall Zero Hour on Plus. Available from December 3 until December 9, the free trial will coincide with a double XP week for the shooter. Sony is teasing new maps, weapons, and equipment for the trial, so it might be worth checking out if your VR set is collecting dust.

Both games will be available on the service starting on December 3. The current duo of titles, which includes Nioh and Outlast 2, will be up for grabs until then. Make sure to nab those now if you want to play them in the future. Nioh, in particular, can last you for an exceptionally long amount of time. It's not one to overlook, even if you don't intend to play immediately.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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