PS Plus Members Who Play Red Dead Online By Next Month Get An Awesome Poncho

Ever wanted to explore Red Dead Online's vast open world while wearing a beautiful poncho? If so, then you're in luck.

PlayStation and Rockstar revealed on Twitter you'll be able to download an amazing poncho for free if you play Red Dead Online on PlayStation 4 by September 2. The clothing item in question is a blue-tinted Chuparosa Poncho, and it'll surely look good on any outfit you decide to wear while experiencing the wild west.

To coincidence with this amazing news of a free poncho, Red Dead Online has also been having a vest event this week. For a limited time, all vests that require Rank 31 and above will be available to Rank 30 players. Similarly, Rank 11-29 vests will be available to players at level 10 temporarily. Though this focus on clothing items may not seem like a big deal, this does offer players with lower levels the chance to grab clothes that are usually out of their reach.

Via: IGN.com

Ever since Red Dead Online made its debut several months ago, Rockstar has been steadily updating this multiplayer component with new events and content. Recently, Rockstar announced it's adding an RPG-like class system, which will allow players to earn different perks and gear based on their class level. A big perk is the opportunity to get your very own dog to help you protect your camp, and who wouldn't want that?

There are also two new classes being introduced, which are the bounty hunter and the collector. The bounty hunter will see players earn money by going after criminals. Meanwhile, the collector has you trying to find and collect rare items across the map.

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Though much of the focus has been on Red Dead Online, rumors have also been going around about a potential alien-themed single-player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2. Though Rockstar has yet to confirm these rumors, it's suggested the add-on content could come as early as December 2019 or January 2020. A remake of the first Red Dead Redemption might be in the works as well, which will offer a slew of updates to the classic title. The remake is supposedly coming out sometime in December 2020/January 2021.

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