November's PlayStation Plus Games Include Nioh And Outlast 2

Sony is giving out both Nioh and Outlast 2 to PlayStation Plus subscribers in November.

Sony has unveiled its November lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers and the list is pretty good. Those with a taste for the brutal and challenging will be well served with Nioh while anyone looking for a more scary time would do well to boot up Outlast II. The two games don't have a lot in common apart from being quality games.

Nioh originally released in 2017 for the PS4 before getting ported over to PC later that year. Team Ninja's long-awaited action title, Nioh served as a return to form for the company after a string of disappointing releases (Ninja Gaiden 3Dead or Alive 5, and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z). Marrying Soulslike action with Japanese history, Nioh presents a unique atmosphere with tons of beefy combat options to get the blood pumping. One could easily put over 100 hours into it.

Outlast II, on the other hand, has been quite divisive. After the original took the gaming world by storm in 2013, people expected a bit better from developer Red Barrels. As innovative and creative as Outlast was, II seemed to go in a completely different direction than people had anticipated. Now there was a whole story about dealings with the church and cultists and it felt more like Amnesia than the first game. It's not bad but definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

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Source: Sony Computer Entertainment America

With not many big games coming out in November, it's honestly the best time to boot up Nioh and give it a go. With multiple difficulty options and a rather lengthy DLC campaign, the game is sure to be a hit for fans of less forgiving action titles. While the DLC won't be included, the base game has more than enough on offer to keep you entertained.

Last month's freebies (The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19) will be available for download until November 4. On November 5, these two games will take their place and be available until December 3. As with other months, some random freebies in the form of themes and avatars will be available for download in November.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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