PS Store Discounts Days Gone And Others At More Than 30% Off

PlayStation is getting aggressive with its Summer Sale, discounting the exclusive Days Gone by forty percent.

As part of its ongoing Celebrate Summer Sale, the Playstation Store discounting this year’s open world survivalist adventure Days Gone for $35.99, which is 40 percent off of its standard $59.99 price tag. The game became available for its sale price on August 6th, a week into the existing Summer Sale, and will remain discounted until August 20th, when the summertime promotion ends.

Days Gone was released in April of 2019, and while it received a mixed-to-positive critical reception, it isn’t without its loyalists. Reviews have praised its hordes of zombie enemies and the post-apocalyptic Oregon setting. Zombie genre fans in particular seem to have taken to its wide array of creative options for dealing with the massive undead hordes thrown at the player. It also has a certified badass biker dude—another key component of the unique and possibly niche fantasy fulfillment at the heart of the game.

Technically, its enemies are called “freakers,” and are a separate entity from the zombies we’ve come to know and love dismembering in virtual combat, though the developers’ reasoning feels more like a tactic to distance themselves from all established zombie lore than any sort of dismissal of existing zombie genre connoisseurs. Currently, Days Gone is one of the top ten best-selling games of the year, which is likely why Playstation is featuring its new sale price on social media.


Also now on sale is Soul Calibur VI, at a an even steeper price drop. The game is currently available for 20.39, on sale from the standard 59.99. Soul Calibur VI came out in October of last year, and has been warmly-received as a high point in the now long-lasting fighting game franchise.

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Both respective sales also includes the digital deluxe editions of each game. The Days Gone deluxe edition includes an art book, the game’s soundtrack, a Playstation theme, an early in-game skill unlock and motorcycle skins. It’s discounted for 41.99 from its original 69.99 price tag. Soul Calibur VI’s deluxe edition, which normally retails for a steep 89.99 is currently available for 35.99, and includes a season pass, which grants access to 5 DLC characters. These are two among many AAA games currently on sale in the Playstation Store, so choose wisely, lest you commit yourself to more hours of gaming than you have time to play!

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