The 15 Worst PS1 Games (And 15 Worth A Second Look)

Sony may still be going strong, but it has been a long time since the first PlayStation was relevant, which is why we imagine most players don't have one lying around the house. Despite that, we want to honor the PS1 by taking a look at some of the games that people will remember from those nostalgic days. However, this isn't only going to be a list about good video games, as want to take a look at some of the weirdest ones that the PS1 had to offer.

What we've done is pull together some of these video games, so people can take a look at them and relive some of the weirdest gaming experiences before watching us completely take them down. Throw in the fact that we're then going to take everyone through some of the PS1 games that we bet none of you played so that people can go back and take a look at them.

Get ready to relive the nostalgic times of the PS1, for better or for worse. Obviously, not every game on the system was great, but there are definitely some that are worth playing even today, despite the fact that the graphics aren't as cutting-edge as they used to be. There are just so many good things that the PS1 has to offer! If we've missed any major games, or if we managed to bring a dose of nostalgia into everyone's day, let us know!

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30 Worst: Bubsy 3D

via: polygon.com

This video game has become famous for how bad it is. Believe it or not, but this guy's outing on PS1 was actually an attempt to face up against Super Mario 64, one of the most celebrated 3D platformers of all time.

Unsurprisingly, this little guy has gone down as one of the most annoying characters of all time.

There is no reason that anybody should go back to play this game, unless they want a barely controllable character with an out of control camera, alongside some unbearable humor.

29 Second Look: Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Stealth Assassins

via: launchbox-app.com

There are a lot of stealth games out there at this point, but at the time of the release of Tenchu 2, Metal Gear Solid was only the real chance to sneak about and take out enemies without them noticing.

The second game in the Tenchu series took what made the first one good and refined it all.

This game doesn't have what a lot of stealth action games have these days, but for back in the day it was a very important step in stealth video games. Everyone take a look if they can get a copy.

28 Worst: South Park

via: blogspot.com

This is a franchise that has managed to put out a couple of great games in recent years, but it would be a lie to say that gamers didn't have to go through some real trash before they got to enjoy them.

This tie-in game was a first-person shooter, which were very popular at the time, but lead to some problems with publishers.

Unsurprisingly, they weren't comfortable with a game about children being centered on the main mechanic of shooting each other, so they were forced to add in attacks based on the show. In the end, it came out as very bland.

27 Second Look: Klonoa: Door To Phantomille

via: giantbomb.com

Like many video games that were first created to appeal to children, Klonoa: Door To Phantomille was great for any gamer no matter what age they were, offering simple platforming for everyone to enjoy. Like a lot of games at the time, it used a 2.5D perspective, allowing the gameplay to remain pleasurable while also offering a graphical advantage that no other 2D game could manage. It still feels fresh to play so it's worth another look if you can find it.

26 Worst: MTV Celebrity Deathmatch

via: ign.com

It's no surprise that this game didn't end up being any good, made as it was on a serious budget. It was a clear attempt to try and make a lot of money based on the popularity of the television show without having to spend too much making it.

Not only did they not include the brilliant claymation that the show was known for, but the roster of celebrities was also very underwhelming.

We can only assume that most people refused to allow this game to use their likeness, and to be honest we definitely don't blame them!

25 Second Look: Suikoden 2

via: eurogamer.net

There are so many RPGs out there that it can be hard for any of the smaller names to make it into the mainstream, trapped as they are under the blanket of big hitters like Final Fantasy.

This is why the Suikoden series has never got the respect it deserves, despite offering some amazing gameplay that was consistently a critical success.

In this game, players take on around 108 characters to fight with them, who they will learn about and spend a lot of time with, having various narratives thrown at them at once.

24 Worst: Star Wars: Masters Of Teräs Käsi

via: staynerd.com

Star Wars has been throwing their franchise at anything they think will make money, so it's no surprise that they've ended up creating a lot of video games that have the Star Wars name on them.

We're not surprised why people would want to play a fighting game in which Star Wars characters fight off against each other, so it's a surprise that this is the only one they've made. It was very bad as well. Definitely not worth looking for.

23 Second Look: Driver: You Are The Wheelman

via: pinterest.com

This was one of the most authentic driving games at the time, attempting to replicate what it actually felt like to drive a car at high speeds.

It may not be much to look at these days and there are definitely better driving games now, this was the game that paved the way for so many other titles.

A project of this size at the time was really brave, and it was a risk for the developers, who were able to live up to the hype. The Driver series continued, but until the more recent Driver: San Francisco, they were never able to capture the magic that was alive in the original installment.

22 Worst: Kiss Pinball

via: youtube.com

The best thing about pinball is the atmosphere and the physicality of it, so we've never understood why people would choose to buy a pinball video game.

Kiss has never refused the chance to make money, so they allowed their name and likeness to be used on this video game which doesn't offer anything for either fans of the band or fans of the game.

If people want to play pinball, they should go out and play it in the real world, not pay for a subpar version of in video game form.

21 Second Look: Vagrant Story

via: twincitiesgeek.com

Vagrant Story gets off to a good start by introducing players to the world in a genuinely enticing way. Once they'd seen that, it was hard for them to turn off and walk away.

Thankfully, this game backed up the intro by offering a story that kept us hooked right to the end. Throw in the fact that the combat system was deeper than anything gamers had seen up to that point, and you've got yourself a fantastic game.

It's weird to think about the games out there that never made it big, despite being genuinely great. They end up being overlooked because bigger names find the fame.

20 Worst: The Crow: City Of Angels

via: psxplanet.ru

The Crow is one of the most popular comic books of all time, telling the sad story of a young man who comes back to life and takes revenge on the people that took away the love of his life.

This story is not done justice in this video game that controls horribly while offering nothing in the graphics department either.

People came to this video game in the hope of finding something that immersed them in the comic book in an interactive way, but they were left with something they likely had to put down after just ten minutes of playtime.

19 Second Look: Spider-Man

via: venturebeat.com

Now that we're all getting to enjoy the brilliant Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, we think it's about time that people went back to the old days to see how developers made a Spider-Man game back in the day.

Obviously, the web swinging feels nowhere near as good as it does in the new game, but this humble title does allow people to step into the shoes of one of the world's most popular superheroes.

If people want to see where their favorite new superhero video game started out, this is what they should play.

18 Worst: The Simpsons Wrestling

via: simpsons.wikia.com

Just like Star Wars, The Simpsons name has been slapped on so many forms of entertainment, including video games. At this point, there have been a couple of alright video games based on The Simpsons universe, but there have been even worse ones. One of those bad games was The Simpsons Wrestling. While it gave people the chance to play as some of their favorite characters, they were forced to listen to the same lines repeated endlessly while hitting buttons in the hope of winning. It got way too difficult as well.

17 Second Look: Mega Man X4

via: youtube.com

Mega Man is an incredibly popular character that has had a lot of good games and a lot of bad games with his name slapped on the front cover. The X series is well known for having a high level of quality. Mega Man 8 disappointed fans, which made people worry about the fact the X series was making the jump to the PS1 from the SNES. However, these worries were misplaced, as Capcom proved with Mega Man X4 they still understood how to create good gameplay, offering the chance to play as two fully fleshed out characters, offering some serious replayability.

16 Worst: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces

via: blogspot.com

When a developer is looking to make money out of an established universe, they will often come up with spin-off ideas, which is what the guys behind Mortal Kombat have done a couple of times now.

One of those ideas was their Special Forces game, which tasked players with solving various puzzles. However, these puzzles essentially amounted to finding numerous items.

This ended up with players having to walk through levels they'd already cleared in an attempt to find some item they missed on the way.

15 Second Look: R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

via: giantbomb.com

When R4 first came out, a lot of racing games were attempting to create a sense of authenticity, wanting to simulate just what it was like to drive a real car, but this wasn't always easy. Sometimes, these racing sims became sluggish, and while they may have felt authentic, they were no fun for players to control. However, R4 went down a different path, offering arcade racing gameplay. Rather than simulation, this game was filled with drifting, taking on tracks at a ridiculous speed and having fun while doing it!

14 Worst: Road Trip

via: speed-new.com

When people think of Hooters, they think about fried foods and women getting paid too little for the work they're doing. What they don't think about is racing cars, which is why it's very weird that anyone would decide to develop a game with the brand name that pits them against other people in fast cars. The controls were very bad and it was essentially a chance for people to make some money while titillating an audience that was looking for something in the wrong place...

13 Second Look: Tomb Raider 2

via: modojo.net

While it was the first Tomb Raider game that forced us all to stand up and take note of Lara Croft as a character, this was the game that refined the formula and offered the basic gameplay we all remember fondly.

After this, the developers ended up changing what they'd laid out in the first couple of games.

Since then, they've rebooted the series, so we think it's time that modern gamers went back to see where it all began. The controls are rough, but it's still quite the adventure.

12 Worst: Rascal Racers

via: youtube.com

Whenever there's a popular video game franchise, people will always end up trying to make some money off of it by creating an imposter. After the popularity of Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, Rascal Racers wasn't far behind.

Featuring a cute cast of characters, Rascal Racers had pretty much no level design whatsoever. It was filled with similar tracks, offering players no variety whatsoever.

Not only that, but the controls were difficult to get a hang of while offering players no real speed at the same time.

11 Second Look: Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

via: GOG.com

It was games like this that wanted to prove that video games weren't just for children by offering a deep and dark story that kept players hooked from the beginning.

This 3D action adventure is still fondly remembered by so many gamers, who feel a burst of nostalgia whenever they're reminded of this game.

Not only was the combat fun and easy to master, but the puzzles were genuinely intriguing. Players were forced to move between realms to find out how to figure everything out.

10 Worst: South Park: Chef's Luv Shack

via: imdb.com

When Mario Party came out, video game developers across the world saw a huge chance to make some money in offering people a chance to have fun with their friends and mini-games.

In an attempt to make some money, somebody decided to make a trivia game with mini-games that were based on the South Park universe.

Sadly, the trivia was entirely nonsensical and people weren't able to properly enjoy the poorly designed mini-games. Once again, it offers nothing to either fans of video games or fans of the TV show.

9 Second Look: Ape Escape

via: playstation.com

As controllers have moved forward, video games have had to change as well, with the second stick on a DualShock controller being the biggest move forward in video game technology. It allowed players to move the camera at the same time as moving the character. However, before this became the standard, developers were free to experiment. In this game, the second stick is used to catch various monkeys spread across numerous cartoon levels. This is a video game for someone who likes using various types of gadgets.

8 Worst: Ski Air Mix

via: youtube.com

We've all seen how impressive and popular games like SSX are, but it took a lot of bad video games based on winter sports to get developers to the point where they were able to make anything worth giving a second look too!

This is a budget game through and through, offering weird physics and lackluster gameplay.

To this day, it stands as an example of why time and money were needed back in the day to make a game of any worth, before technology advanced to the point where people can make their own great games.

7 Second Look: Tekken 3

via: imdb.com

We know that fighting games have come a long way when it comes to multiplayer viability and graphics, but we don't think that people can beat the classics.

If people can get a hold of this game, a PS1 and a couple of controllers, there's an entire nights worth of fun right here.

There is a lot here to enjoy, while showing modern fighting game fans where the foundations were set down. Gamers should make sure that they unlock all of the characters first though!

6 Worst: Chaos Break

via: emuparadise.me

Some games on this list are clearly attempting to ape the popularity of other more successful games, but Chaos Break takes it to a whole new level by essentially copying and pasting the story and gameplay from the Resident Evil series. However, where those games essentially created an entire genre of game, Chaos Break created a chance for players to walk through the same boring corridor hundreds of times while taking on enemies that pose no real danger to the player at all.

5 Second Look: PaRappa The Rapper

via: playstation.com

With rap being the cultural phenomenon that it was at the time, it's no surprise that game developers wanted to get in on that action. They decided that it would also be smart to add a rather odd and surreal vibe.

Before rhythm games became the norm, this was the game that put them on the map.

After this, developers decided that they would try and go realistic with it, making people feel as if they're the actual musicians creating the music that they're taking part in!

4 Worst: The Fifth Element

via: mobygames.com

The Fifth Element is a great sci-fi movie, an action romp through space that touches on deeper elements at times, forming a whole package that is still enjoyable to this day. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the game.

This game is frustration incarnate. It is impossible to make it more than a minute into this game before wanting to smash the controller on the floor. Offering two player characters, in the hope of creating replayability, this game seemed interesting at first.

Sadly, it was borderline impossible to play as either of the characters due to the horrific controls...

3 Second Look: Silent Hill

via: pinterest.com

After the second game in the installment came out, followed by a couple more impressive video games on the PS2, we feel as if this PS1 classic got buried. Not only is this a good game in its own right, we think that everyone should go back to see what foundation the rest of the series was built on. Rather than the second game which focused almost entirely on the psychological breakdown of the main character, this game is about a cult that is turning a town upside down and inside out...

2 Worst: Barbie: Explorer

via: amazon.in

If game developers want to take a look at how not to make a game, they should pick up this game, as it's one that attempted to force about three different popular games into one and slap Barbie on top of it. Obviously, this was a cash grab that offered nothing that hadn't already been done better somewhere else. It is a nightmare trying to play this game, which thankfully only has four levels to get through. Any more, and we think that it would be fair to classify this video game as a genuine form of torture...

1 Second Look: Twisted Metal 3

via: cafebazzaar.ir

Car combat has sort of gone out of fashion over the years, with most people not being that bothered about what games like Twisted Metal once had to offer unless it's part of a larger gameplay mechanic.

We don't think this is fair and there is definitely a gap in the market that was once filled by games like Twisted Metal.

What we're saying is, Twisted Metal 3 is worth going back to now, if only because there's nothing being offered in the modern video game industry like it. It was refined by this installment as well, so gamers get only the best.

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