10 Games Still Trapped Exclusively On PS1

The PlayStation, or PS1, is a celebrated console. However, a lot of the best games for the platform, unfortunately, remain hidden away. A good portion of titles were made available via PSN, starting with the PS3 and moving onto the PSP and PS Vita, but the store never included PS1 games on PS4. This means that there are a lot of PlayStation games unavailable outside of the original release.

If these games exist as digital downloads for PSN in other territories, most notably Japan, we are still going to count them as being trapped on the PS1. The reason being is because while they may be available in that country, they are still missing in the West. It’s the same for Japanese exclusives that may, or may not appear on here.

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10 Ape Escape

Technically Ape Escape did venture onto another platform, the PSP, via a remake. As that game is slightly different, purists may want to experience the original, but sadly they can’t.

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The reason why this internally developed Sony game is not on PSN is unknown. However, the PSP remake is so maybe that’s the reason, although this can’t be played on the PS3.

What’s even more puzzling is the fact that Sony keeps teasing something via Twitter in honor of the game's 20th anniversary. What’s going on over there?

9 Einhänder

Einhänder was something a little different from Squaresoft at the time. It’s an on-rails 2.5D side-scrolling shooter.

For the genre, it is pretty short but the pacing, bountiful selection of weapons, and even the graphics still make it a worthwhile playthrough.

Most PS1 games are $6 on PS3 or $10 at most. Both of those seem like a fitting price for this throwback shooter, if you could purchase it that it is.

8 Resident Evil Survivor

Technically this is not a PS1 exclusive as it also released on PC two years after the 2000 initial debut. However, in terms of consoles, this is still an exclusive on PS1.

This is a very late release for the series and is bizarrely a first-person shooter with light gun controls. That fact alone is an obvious answer as to why it never got ported elsewhere. Light gun physics can be tricky to emulate on other hardware.

7 Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Even though this entry is on the first game, both PS1 Tenchu games are actually locked to the system. The reason why may point to the game's rights being tricky to navigate, due to a joint co-ownership agreement.

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The agreement is between Activision who published these two games and the current rights holder, FromSoftware. Since the two recently made a deal to release Sekiro together, maybe these two ninja gems can once again step out of the shadows.

6 Bushido Blade

Another samurai and ninja heavy series trapped on PS1 is the two Bushido Blade games. These Squaresoft fighting games are brutal blood sports. Instead of hacking opponents to pieces with a health bar, conflicts are resolved more realistically with one blow.

Katanas, knives, and spears can be dodged and deflected though so it’s not that one attack will end a fight. These matches often measure up to some tense moments.

The only other fighting game equivalent to this concept today is Divekick.

5 Rival Schools: United by Fate

Yes, this appeared in arcades, but in terms of consoles, the PS1 had this as an exclusive. Funnily enough, if you search for this game on PSN, it will pop up, but only lists that it works if you have the disc. Since any physical copy of a PS1 game works on a PS3 why list it?

Weird listings aside, this is another fighting game from Capcom, masters of the craft. While this and its sequels remain dormant, the fight lives on through crossovers like Sakura in Street Fighter.

4 Brave Fencer Musashi

Brave Fencer Musashi appears to be available on the Japanese PSN store. That said it still remains locked to Western fans so we're going to count it anyway. As the name might suggest this is another samurai game, but one which is more kid-friendly.

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Think of it like Kingdom Hearts in tone. The actual gameplay side of things is also similar since it is an action platformer RPG. It's another in a long line of Squaresoft titles that remain trapped on their initial platform.

3 Alundra 2

The first game is available on PSN, but Sony never had the opportunity to get the other game ported to any of its PSN stores. The reason for this remains to be seen.

What should be noted is that both games are essentially Legend of Zelda like in nature, although this second title is more action-oriented rather than dungeon and puzzle heavy. It was a late console release which may explain why it's more obscure.

2 Fear Effect

Like a couple of other entries on here, both of the Fear Effect games have never left the PS1, not even digitally. However, the game did get a sequel and a bad one at that.

These games are not necessarily revered in the catalog of great PS1 games. They are actually more remembered for their controversial ad campaigns.

As weird as those were, Fear Effect tried to do something different by combining a spy thriller like Metal Gear Solid with horror elements akin to Resident Evil. In that regard, they remain special, or at least interesting.

1 Soul Of The Samurai

Soul of the Samurai is also a Resident Evil copycat, but instead of a spy thriller, this is yet another samurai game. What’s with all of the great ninja and samurai games being forgotten on PS1?

Anyway, this was a Konami game but it's not like Onimusha where players fight demons. It’s more like Resident Evil because of the puzzle elements and tank controls. Also, to be clear, players can take on the role of both a ninja and a samurai so it is the best of both worlds.

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