10 PS4 Games With The Best Storylines

Though battle-royal and point-and-shoot games can be wonderful and truly fulfilling for those who enjoy them, not every avid video game lover finds themselves drawn towards such games. Other players may prefer a game that follows an established story/plot with relatable characters and a clear cut ending that one can finish and feel accomplished in doing so. Perhaps they seek a more relaxed single player experience with a lovely soundtrack and calming visuals.

Or a fantastical game with a life-changing quest and stunning graphics. Or a horror game in which the outcome is directly influenced by their own actions. Below is a selection of 10 story-based PS4 games spanning across several genres to suit the needs of any gamer.

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10 Life Is Strange

Though both the prequel and sequel have been thoroughly entertaining, nothing compares to the original Life is Strange game. Follow Max as she acclimates to her hometown after a few years away and tries to help her former best friend uncover the mystery of a missing girl who disappeared one day without a trace.

Enjoy calming indie music and gentle visuals while dealing with some of the darker aspects of modern life. Learn that every choice matters, that there is more to everyone than meets the eye and that one cannot be expected to save everyone.

9 Until Dawn

If one enjoys playing games with multiple endings that are selected based on the players' choices, then Until Dawn might be the game for them. Play as every member of a friend group as they return to the site of a tragedy which rocked their numbers a year before.

Do one's best to survive the night as they uncover the mystery of last years events while trying to evade those seeking to end them in the dark of the night. Every choice will affect the game; some in ways that the player might not be able to predict.

8 God Of War (2018)

Based of the legends that dominate Greek mythology, the God of War game follows Kratos in a post-revenge lifestyle as he and his son navigate through a rather unforgiving world dominated by Norse Gods and Monsters and do their best to make it through each and every day.

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It is important to note that game makers have stated that this installment in the God of War series is far more intense than previous games due to the increased stakes and new environment.

7 Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in the distant future, in a world ravaged by beings that appear like mechanical dinosaurs. The citizens of this world live a simple and tribal existence and seek to protect themselves from the previously kind creatures who suddenly find themselves aggressive and rather lethal.

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An evil cultist figures out how to control these newly aggressive machines and the player must uncover the truth of what has occurred and put a stop to it before it is too late; but while doing so, the player learns the truth of the world in which the character lives.

6 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

The most recent game in the revitalization of the Tomb Raider series follows Lara as she fights to stop Trinity from triggering the apocalypse and, in doing so, has to learn how to move on from the one thing that is holding her back from her true potential.

Watching Lara learn how to balance her attempts to honor her lost father's mission while struggling with her own sense of morality was a fascinating journey. The game forces both Lara and the player themselves to ask themselves where the line is between the hero and the villain when it comes to losing innocent lives for their cause.

5 Persona 5

Persona 5 is a game which takes place in a fantastical version of modern-day Japan. Though most elements of the game are true to real life, each character has a bit of an alter ego (persona) which exists as "the manifestation of their inner psyche."

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The player joins a group who refer to themselves as the Phantom Thieves who seek to open the eyes of the hooligans and criminals of the world in order to show them that what they are doing is not ideal and that they should consider changing their ways.

4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Unlike some of the other morality influenced games on this list which emphasized the difference between a good and a bad person, The Witcher 3 is far more focused on moral ambiguity and the grey areas in which most people live.

The game follows the character of Geralt as he hunts monsters throughout the land, pursues his love interest, and investigates the sudden reappearance of him and Yennefer's adopted child. Geralt uncovers several secrets about the world along his journey and saves the world from a terrible fate. There are several different endings awaiting those who play the game.

3 Kingdom Hearts 3

Though the story and lore surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series is some of the most confusing lore in the video gaming world, such things do not mean that the game itself is anything other than an absolute delight.

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Follow the main character, Sora, as he travels through several worlds and mini-stories related to classic and beloved Disney/Pixar films while attempting to navigate their way through the power struggle contained within the world of Kingdom Hearts.

2 2.Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a superhero who owns a special place in the hearts of many as it is a hero we grew up with and can truly see ourselves in. So it only follows that fans would jump at a chance to play as one of their most beloved heroes.

The PS4 Spider-Man game follows the hero, several years after he originally became Spider-Man, as he wrestles with trying to strike a balance between keeping the city safe and his civilian life. A balance that all heroes must achieve.

1 Tales Of Berseria

The Tales of Berseria is a game which follows the lives of those who live in the Holy Midgand Empire. Though lovely on the surface, the empire has several major issues including the subjugation of the supernatural spirits by the hands of their human peers as well as the appearance of a disease that robs those infected of their humanity.

Once infected, those afflicted will turn into creatures referred to as Daemons and everyone must team up together in order to keep the world safe from the threat they present.

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