25 PS4 Hacks Not Even Super Fans Know About

Sony's PlayStation is one of the biggest console franchises of all time, and for good reason. The fact of the matter is that this console has progressed by leaps and bounds to become what is truly one of the most successful product offerings of all time, attracting a vast number of fans from all over the globe. And, why wouldn't that be the case? After all, a person just needs to take a look at the sheer level of exclusives, coupled with the amazing functionality and innovation present in every console, to understand why the PlayStation brand has enjoyed such rampant success for the past two decades in the console market.

Such is the popularity of this gaming console that people from all over the world are trying to figure out the best course of action that can be taken to improve their overall gaming experience, and why not? The fact of the matter is that gaming is an arduous endeavor, and pretty much anyone would find it in their best interests to figure out the best course of action that can be taken optimize the time they spend on their consoles.

In a bid to achieve the same, people have fished out and devised several hacks to improve the time they spend with their console. These hacks are so obtuse that even the most devout PlayStation fan might not know all about the 25 tricks we're about to list out, which will go a long way in ensuring that the time you spend with the console will be quite worthwhile indeed.

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25 Jailbreak Your PS4

via polygon.com

Now, before we get into the meat of this topic, let us state outright that in no way, shape, or form do we condone the act of piracy, something that is synonymous with the term jailbreaking.

However, some people simply want greater control over their console.

So, if you want to be part of this elite group that can do amazing things with their PS4 then, by all means, jailbreak your PS4 to make your gaming dreams a reality.

24 Use The DualShock Controller On Your PC

via ps4fans.net

Since Microsoft is at the head of the most popular computer OS and also a leading video game console, it's evident that their controller would also be compatible on both platforms.

However, what if we said that the PS4 doesn't suffer from this drawback?

It's actually quite simple to connect your DualShock controller to your PC — simply connect the controller through Bluetooth and use a program called DS4Windows to make it seem like the DualShock controller is actually an Xbox one.

23 Charge Your DualShock With A Normal Phone Charger

via thesun.co.uk

This is a simple trick that might seem like a brainless endeavor for you, but the fact of the matter is that there are several people who were — and still are — completely unaware of this nifty little trick months — if not years — after purchasing a PS4.

Basically, a normal phone charger can be used to charge your DualShock controller.

Isn't that neat? Now, you don't need to keep the PS4 turned on for the sole purpose of charging your controller — all you need to is plug in your phone charger, and voila!

22 Dim The Controller's Light Bar To Save Battery

via ps4.wonderhowto.com

The battery of the DualShock 4 is pretty reliable, but the fact of the matter is that there are times when you would love it if the controller's battery doesn't go down midway through your game, forcing you to sit even closer to the console and wrecking your comfort in the process.

So, in order to free yourself from this dilemma, it's highly recommended that you choose a better course of action and dim the controller's light bar itself to save up on quite a bit of battery.

21 Schedule Updates And Downloads To Cut Down On Time

Via: ComicBook.com

The modern age of gaming is rife with high-quality games that promise an amazing experience from start to end... but that comes at a cost. Having to wait to download digital games or — even worse — updating existing ones is a pain that most people would prefer to avoid.

However, what if we told you that this wait can be mitigated — if not avoided entirely — with some ingeniousness from your side? Just automatically schedule your updates and put your PS4 in rest mode to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, with none of the hassles.

20 Modify Controller Input For A Customised Gaming Experience

Via: Digital Trends

Most people tend to prefer the PC over console gaming due to the sheer level of control they have over their gaming experience. One such positive in this regard is the opportunity to map the controls as they see fit — something that console games have tried to emulate with varying degrees of success.

However, what if we told you that the PS4 console itself has an option to remap your overall controller input? All you need to do is go over to the settings, and every option you could possibly want is available in the palm of your hand!

19 Use An External Hard Drive To Maximize Space For Installation

via ps4storage.com

The PS4 comes in a 500GB and 1TB variant, both of which might not be more than enough to accommodate and install all the games you could possibly want. We say this because an ardent gamer who would want multiple games installed on his or her console might find it somewhat irritating when the alert for low space comes up.

So, instead of having to go through the headache of deleting your precious games, we recommend instead to use an external drive to increase overall storage space. Trust us when we tell you that this will go a long way in ensuring that little to no problems come in the way of you having the perfect gaming experience.

18 Use The HDMI Device Link Feature For Maximum Control

Via: CGMagazine

Most modern TVs nowadays have a bevy of innovative features to enable a seamless experience and provide consumers with satisfaction on a regular basis. One such feature is the HDMI Device Link option, which is quite a nifty little feature to have indeed.

Basically, by turning on your PS4, the device link will also turn on your TV and bring it over to the appropriate HDMI channel automatically.

Isn't that a neat little feature to have!

17 Use A Screw To Take Your Disc Out If It Can't Be Done Otherwise

via androidcentral.com

Think of a hypothetical situation where you take your PS4 to a friend's place to play their games, or bring over your games to play on his console. If by chance, the lights go out or — god forbid — the console screws up while you're gaming, then you might be stuck in a situation, then there's a chance that your game might be stuck for good.

However, don't worry in this situation — Sony has thought this true and actually included a screw in the back that can be turned to manually use the disc drive. Just be wary — you need to take off some panels of your PS4 and handle a really small & flimsy screw, so don't get careless during this act.

No pressure!

16 Stockpile Free Games With A PS+ Subscription

Via: CGMagazine

The PS+ service is thankfully a very convenient service to have. The idea of having to pay to play online might turn off the majority of online gamers, but the perks of signing up for PlayStation's service is quite immense. One such perk is the free monthly games that can be quite lucrative indeed.

Well, what if we told you that you don't need to download these games there and then? Instead, all you need to do is "buy" the game for free and keep it in your download queue. That's all you need to do to enable a streamlined — and pocket-friendly — gaming experience!

15 Use The Touchpad For Easier Typing

Via: Touch Square

The touchpad was a promising addition to the PS4, but unfortunately, it turned out to be quite the disappointment. We say this mainly because of the fact that it was promised to enable a new degree of gameplay but wasn't really used all that properly.

However, that doesn't mean that this feature is a complete waste — in fact, one might argue that mere fact that you can use the touchpad to make the arduous task of typing on the PS4 easier is good enough to have this feature integrated into the console.

14 Use A Wired Internet Connection With Your PS4 For An Optimal Gaming Experience

Via: Playstation

Ask any regular online player as to what's the biggest problem they face during their gaming experience, and chances are that latency issues are perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind of anyone who faces this problem.

However, there's a very simple solution to this pressing problem — a wired connection! After all, a wireless internet connection can face many hiccups that might affect internet speed. Therefore, a wired connection will go a long way in ensuring that little to no problems come in the way of people enjoying a seamless multiplayer experience.

13 Store Save Files On The Cloud

Via: Cnet

Quick question — do you have any idea as to how much space a game save file can take? Most people will answer that it's not really all that much to be considered substantial, but the fact of the matter is that there are certain games that can take substantial space with their save files if you happen to keep multiple files, a new save every time, or — quite simply — a save scummer.

So, to prevent your PlayStation storage space from becoming overflooded with these files, just select the option to store your save files on the cloud itself. It will be quite helpful from both a storage and backup perspective.

12 Use A Coin Or Rubber Band To Wedge Buttons And Analog Sticks

Ask any hardcore gamer about the one thing in games they absolutely loathe, and chances are that the word "grinding" will be termed as one of their major gripes. Why wouldn't that be the case? After all, repetition can be quite an unforgiving mistress, and the same goes true for video games as well!

However, fans have figured out great ways to get over this grinding hurdle through a few tricks of their own. These including pressing down on buttons by fixating objects like coins on them, and wedge analog sticks in one direction with a rubber band.

Hey — if it works, then who's complaining?

11 Turn Your PS4 Into A Portable Laptop

Via edsjunk.net

There's a reason why the PS4 is termed as a home console — portability has never been Sony's strength. While the PSP was a roaring success, the same can't be said for the PS Vita. However, if you're willing to invest some serious money, then you can turn the PS4 into a portable laptop of sorts.

Ed Zarick — a man who's also turned the Xbox One into a laptop — has done the same with the PlayStation 4. Calling it the Playbook 4, buying this will cost you a whopping $1095 — a price that can go up to $1395 if you don't supply the console.

10 Manually Upgrade Your PS4 HDD

via digitaltrends.com

We've already spoken about the limited space present in the hard drive of the PlayStation 4. It can honestly be a pain to optimize your gaming experience in this regard due to the sheer number of problems that plague your senses.

So, to ensure that these problems become a thing of the past — as long as you have some knowledge of mechanical engineering — you can actually take your PS4 apart and insert a custom HDD with the space you need. If you're really nitpicky about your gaming, then you can also insert an SSD for improved loading times.

9 Use Remote Play For Greater Convenience

via ps4portal.net

If you have an excellent internet connection at home, then trust us when we tell you that the PlayStation 4 will open up a number of amazing opportunities for you, thereby augmenting your overall gameplay experience.

Remote Play is a great way to illustrate just one of these many benefits. If, for some reason, you're not able to access your PS4, then don't worry — the PlayStation has a Remote Play feature that allows you to stream gameplay on your phone, tablet, laptop, PS Vita, or anything else along the same lines.

8 Use A PS Vita As A Spare DualShock Controller

via pushsquare.com

Speaking on the PS Vita, it must be said that most people tend to write it off as an abject failure, and it's understandable as to why one might think this to be the case. However, don't let this viewpoint cloud your judgment of this portable game console, because there's a lot more to this console that we haven't even started to talk about.

One of the biggest benefits of the PS Vita is the fact that you can actually use the console as a spare DualShock controller if you're running short. It might take a bit of time to get used to this control scheme, but the end result is definitely worth it.

7 Voice Commands Are Actually Pretty Nifty

Via: Dbrand

We've already mentioned just how irritating it can be to type, and how the touchpad can be used to expedite this process. However, this is not the only shortcut — text-to-speech is also a viable course of action that can be taken for the same.

Of course, that's not the only way that one can use their voice — there are also a large number of voice commands that can be used for the purposes of convenient functionality.

6 Log In Without Notifying Anyone Else

Via: IGN

Privacy is one of the most important aspects that is constantly being invaded in the digital age, time and time again. With some people preferring single-player gaming, the last thing they'd want is for other people to peek into what they're playing and doing.

However, there's a quick workaround to avoid this. You can go to your profile icon, select your online status, and choose to appear offline. If you don't want anyone to be notified from the get-go, then use the Options button on your account and select Log In With Online Status [Appear Offline].

5 Get Notified When Select Friends Come Online

via pushsquare.com

Of course, there's only so long till you can choose to remain a recluse. And anyway, most people are bound to have a tight-knit group of friends with whom you'd want to game at all times. Sony understands this need for you to socialize and is facilitating the same with a rather convenient feature.

Basically, all you need to do is go to your friends' list in the settings and hand-pick a certain number of people whom you want to be notified of when they come online.

Your multiplayer gaming efforts will certainly prove to be a blast indeed!

4 Take Easy Screenshots (Pun Intended)

via knowtechie.com

Taking a screenshot of your game has never been easier with the advent of the Share button on the DualShock 4, but what if we told you that there's actually a way to speed up this process even further?

You can hold down the Share button to quickly take a screenshot. However, if even this is too time-consuming, then we have a solution for you — simply go over to Sharing and Broadcast settings, select Share Button Control Type, then enable Easy Screenshots.

It's really as simple as that!

3 Watch A 3D Movie Without A 3DTV With PSVR

via pureplaystation.com

3D movies have pretty much always been the rage, and the fact that you can watch these movies in the comfort of your home now — as opposed to the theater — is a technological boon, unlike any other.

However, most people don't have or can't afford a 3DTV.

This problem can be taken care of if you happen to own a PSVR. We say this mainly because of the fact that you can just pop in the movie and enable 3D functionality using your PSVR.

It's cumbersome but certainly doable.

2 Use Spotify Through Your PlayStation

Via: Newegg

Spotify is one of the most popular music applications around, and it's obvious that the best-selling gaming console with home entertainment features would obviously try to integrate its features with the PlayStation.

This has been accomplished quite successfully indeed.

The first thing you need to do is connect your phone to the same network as the PS4. After this, open Spotify on your phone and play a song. Once you tap the Connected Devices button at the bottom, all you need to do is select the PS4.

Now enjoy!

1 Change The Numbering In The DNS Fields For Improved Internet Speeds

Via: Bandai Namco

So, apparently, it's very much possible to hasten the internet speed of your PS4 to a considerable margin. While it might not be universally applicable, it still might be able to reap results for you nevertheless if you're lucky enough.

This trick involves changing the numbering in the DNS fields.

In the DNS fields, the primary value needs to be changed to, while the secondary value must be changed to After this is done, people have reported that their internet speeds have increased considerably.

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