Party Hard: The 10 Best PS4 Games For Parties

Whether you’re an avid gamer or you only play with friends, there are so many multiplayer games out there that there’s something for everyone to enjoy

Good friends, snacks, and a poppin’ playlist are essential for any party. But there’s one thing you might be missing: video games! Whether you’re an avid gamer or you only play with friends, there are so many multiplayer games out there that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From bizarre indie fighting games to Smartphone-based quizzes, the PS4 boasts a huge variety of games that can amp up the fun of any party. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the very best PS4 games that will make your party one to remember.

10. That’s You

PS4 exclusive That’s YouS requires you to download an app onto your smartphone or tablet, which you’ll use as a controller. As long as you’re able to do that, there's loads of fun to be had here. It’s a great one for playing with friends, as it will ask you questions like "Who’s most likely to kiss a stranger?" and the people who reach a consensus get the most points. In some rounds, you can even take pictures of your friends and draw on them to match prompts. Even the small details, like using a hilariously warped selfie as a player photo, make this game great for laughs.

9. The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The Jackbox Party Pack games are always a fantastic choice for parties, and the most popular tends to be The Jackbox Party Pack 3. You don’t even need spare controllers; each player just needs a device that can access the Jackbox.TV website in order to join in. It has five fantastic games, a highlight being Quiplash 2, which is reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity, except you write the answers yourself. Fakin’ It is also loads of fun, featuring a sneaky mechanic where one player receives a different prompt to the others and must avoid detection as the odd one out. Hilarity is sure to ensue with this one.

8. Use Your Words

If you and your friends enjoyed the Quiplash games in Jackbox Party Packs, you’ll certainly enjoy Use Your Words. Like Jackbox, players access a website to join the game. However, Use Your Words is more focused, with varying game modes of a similar mechanic. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? A shining example of the game’s creativity is Sub The Title, in which players write their own subtitles for movie scenes. Just imagine the fun you can have with that. Blank-O-Matic features dud answers written by the game, to add a layer of trickery. With silliness galore, this game is a solid choice to liven up the party.

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7. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 could turn you and your friends into an unstoppable team, or show you up for the disorganized mess that you are. Either way, it’s fun. You play as cartoony chefs who must work together to churn out meals for impatient customers. Funny details such as your kitchen setting on fire, or workstations randomly moving, will give you one heck of a time. Before you know it, you’ll have delegated who’s chopping, frying, and washing dishes, but is it enough to beat the clock? Go find out! Just… don’t get too mad at each other, okay?

6. Rocket League

Get this – football, but with cars. Oh, that doesn’t sound like your thing? Trust me, you’ll enjoy it more than you think. With super boosted cards that careen wildly around the arena, chasing a giant football, Rocket League is a whale of a time. The desperate struggle to smack the ball away from your goal will leave you wheezing with laughter. The cars can perform never-ending combinations of flips and tricks — some more effective than others. Whether you intend to beat every opponent that dares to challenge you, or just have fun doing flips and chasing a ball, you’re in for a good time.

5. Gang Beasts­­­

If crazy physics are your thing, Gang Beasts is for you. In this game, you and your friends duke it out to be the last one standing, in an array of different environments, one with a conveyor belt leading to death. The characters are pretty floppy, which means when you punch your friends it looks hilarious. No matter how tactical you may be, it still looks like jelly people frantically slapping each other. You can drag opponents and throw them off ledges, too. It’s a good choice for getting some rage out in the most fun way possible.

4. Hidden Agenda

Another game that requires an app to play, but Hidden Agenda is a very different kind of multiplayer game. A twist on the choice-and-consequence genre, this game follows a gripping mystery to uncover the identity of a serial killer. Choices made in the game must be made together, usually by a majority vote. Sometimes you must all agree on one, which makes for some great tense moments of arguing on what to do. And, as the name suggests, you can sometimes be given a hidden agenda, altering how you make decisions. Who can you trust? Trust me, when I say you should have this game at your party.

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3. TowerFall: Ascension

Praised as one of the best local multiplayer games around, TowerFall: Ascension will surely spice up your party. You and up to three other friends can lose yourselves in fierce battles to the death, centered on simple archery combat. It’s a battle royale with a limited number of arrows, but you can steal your opponents’ and pick up power-ups along the way. Watch out for traps, though! A cool feature is that the rules of the game are customizable, and these settings can be saved for future matches. What could make a better party than good old-fashioned combat?

2. Sportsfriends

With four games in one, Sportsfriends is another title that’s guaranteed to have you and your guests in fits of laughter. The games are relatively simple, so all your mates can have a go, but there’s some depth within tactics if they’re the competitive type. The most outlandish game is "Johann Sebastian Joust," in which the aim is to shake your opponents’ controllers enough to knock them out of the running. It’s a mad struggle to reach someone else’s controller while protecting your own. Picture that with a room full of your favorite people. It’s absolute madness, but very entertaining.

1. Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is a wacky game that feels a little like Tetris, but with physics, spells, and cunning strategy. You and your opponents must build towers out of blocks, but as they’re affected by the game physics, they can topple over – especially if you use a dark spell to sabotage them! In the different modes, you can either race to build the highest towers, battle for survival by trying not to lose any blocks, or use specific amounts of blocks in the Puzzle mode. It’s pretty wild, but uses a good amount of brainpower, too, so it’s sure to bring fun to any party.

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