Leak: PS5 Dev Console Spotted In The Wild

According to some leaks, the PS5 dev kits really do resemble those rumored images.

Ever since images of the PlayStation 5 surfaced over a month ago, pictures of the V-shaped console have cemented the PS5 in gamers' minds as one of the oddest-designed consoles ever. Many were hoping the designs were fake, but some recent leaks have indicated otherwise.

Reddit user praystationbattleroy posted a picture of two PS5 dev consoles on the platform, showcasing their V-shaped quality out in the open. Twitter user The Drunk Cat tweeted the same image, as can be seen below.

Both consoles are mostly consistent with the images shown before, save for a white tag on the left side of the face of the console. As well as that, there is indiscernible text on the right side of the face of the console, where text previously read, "LETS GO DIGITAL." The face buttons and disc drive, meanwhile, are both identical to past images.

Two controllers can be seen next to the console and resemble the Dualshock 4 design. It's possible they are actually DualShock 4 controllers. More accurately, however, it's likely that they are just very similar in design as has been the case with each iteration of Sony's gamepads.

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Beyond the console's exterior design, none of its internal components have been shown nor have the power cords and other related equipment. Those details will likely trickle down as we get closer to the launch of the PS5.

It is worth noting that gnarly V-shape won't necessarily be the end product. As Twitter user Robert Petersen reminds us, dev consoles are typically not indicative of what is shipped out to consumers. He tweeted example images of are the original Xbox and PS1 for comparison.

While the current design of the PS5 console definitely provides a solid laugh (and certainly has the look of what some may deem "the future"), it's very likely this isn't going to be what is in our hands next year. It would be a strange change of pace compared to the rectangular and rhombus-shaped consoles we've had in recent times.

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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