10 Rumored PS5 Games to Be Released

The confirmation of the PS5 has struck a chord within the gaming world as fans of their previous systems await its release. There have been several confirmed upgrades to the console which fans cannot wait to see for themselves. The console is highly anticipated, especially with the release of several rumored games set to be released for this new console.

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There are some long-anticipated games which are rumored to be in the works, and gamers cannot wait to get their hands on them. These games are the beginning of a new age of PlayStation and will potentially have specs on par with some higher-end custom gaming rigs. Keep reading to learn about ten rumored PS5 games that are to be released.

10 Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI is rumored to be released in a few years between 2020 and 2022. It is also rumored that players will be able to fly between the United States and South America in the game, giving players access to multiple cities. Players have also speculated the theme might focus on the 70s, and fans are ecstatic. There are numerous other rumors floating around about the game, but all we know is the game won't disappoint based on its past performances.

9 Death Stranding

Death Stranding's official release is still unconfirmed, but several sources speculate this game will be released with the PS5. It is definitely going to be a PS4 game, but many suggest it will be released on both platforms. This is an open world game, but all of the other details about it are fuzzy. Players have been asking questions, but the game creators refuse to give them the answers they want and need to know about its backstory. We know it is set in a futuristic sci-fi world, but other than that, it continues to be a mystery until its release.

8 Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is another game rumored to be a part of the new PS5 family. It is set in the state of California and it is divided into six separate districts. Gamers will play as the main character called V, and he will completely immerse you into the gameplay. It is played in the first-person view, and it is believed to be an open-world game. Your character will take on the megacorporations who caused the United States Government to fall, and gamers can't wait.

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7 The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 allows gamers to play as Ellie this time around, and the game creators have confirmed it will be multiplayer. There has been no real mention of Joel which confuses and concerns gamers on what will happen within the game. Fans cannot wait to watch the story unfold before them, as they are emotionally and mentally scarred by the twists and turns the game creators have invented in the previous title. The trailers have left a lot of room for gamer's imaginations, and the suspense is killing them as they await the release with the new PS5 console.

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6 Starfield

Starfield is set in space, and that is literally all that is known about this game so far. The trailer offers us a look at the universe, and a star-shaped satellite appears right before its end. They refuse to release any more details about the game, and it is expected more will be known once 2020 rolls around and the PS5 release grows nearer. There is a lot of mystery behind it and gamers can't wait to know more about it. It will be the game of the century if they manage to pull it off.

5 Battlefield Bad Company 3

Battlefield Bad Company 3 is rumored to be in the works for a release with the PS5. It isn't quite known what the game will feature as the developers still are unclear on what players loved about the previously released game, but they do know it will be coming out for the PS5. The last game took place in South America, so gamers are eager to see where they will station it next. It is known it will contain aspects related to Vietnam. Players have loved this first-person shooter game and can't wait to get their hands on the one planned for the PS5.

4 Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gamers have been waiting several years to play the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and now it is being questioned whether it will be pushed to PS5. It was announced back in 2015, and several screenshots have been given to the public, but beyond that, fans have heard and seen nothing... until just a few days ago. Fans hope this game is great after being forced to wait this long for its release, which is why releasing it with the PS5 is not such a bad idea, as it will allow for better graphics and gameplay.

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3 Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is rumored to be released for the PS4 in August of 2019, but others have claimed it will also be made available on the PS5 console. The game is set on an island called Tsushima, and you play as a samurai named Jin. It will be an open world game which will give players the freedom to travel throughout the world at their own pace. Gamers are excited about this and can't wait to see it become an alternate reality for them to enjoy.

2 FIFA 2020

Fifa is one of those games everyone expects to be added to the PS5, but with the new graphics and gameplay, it will be remade into something even better. Gamers have declared they want to see better graphics and multiple changes to the career mode. It will be interesting to see what EA decides to do with the timeless game to keep players coming back to purchase it again and again. Some people are skeptical the game has the ability to advance, but until the PS5 is released we won't know what rumors to believe.

1 The Elder Scrolls 6

It has been hinted that the Elder Scrolls VI will wait to be released on the PS5. They decided to wait until the new consoles release because they wanted to look to the future of gaming to make this game the best it could be. This game series has always been rich in details, and gamers expect nothing less from the new game set to be released. They are excited to journey through the open world and discover everything it has to offer for their imaginations.

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