PUBG Is Still More Exciting To Watch Than Apex Legends, Claims Dr. Disrespect

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, as well as other battle royale games, is more exciting to watch than Apex Legends, according to Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect.

The latter, which has been out for just over a month, became insanely popular insanely fast, garnering over 50 million players in its first month. Respawn definitely scored big on this one and they remain committed to making the gaming experience even better for users. Additionally, the game's first season is set to kick off sometime this month.

Dr. Disrespect, though, argues that it is not as fun to watch as games like PUBG. Those who are familiar with the streamer would know that he is rather outspoken and gives his unbiased opinion on just about everything.

He didn't seem afraid to risk the wrath of the many Apex fans out there either, sharing his thoughts on the title from a viewer standpoint.

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"I think watching Apex gameplay isn't exciting," he declared, via a clip from his stream. "I think watching Battlegrounds is way more exciting in my opinion."

He also rated the likes of Fortnite and H1Z1 above Apex, comparing it to Overwatch in the sense that while it's quite fun to play, it doesn't make for great viewing.

"It's kind of like Overwatch," he added. "You know Overwatch, it's super fun to play, it's highly addictive but it's just absolutely terrible to watch."

Disrespect says he loves playing the Titanfall spinoff, despite his take on the viewing aspect. And he probably has a point as Fortnite is beginning to catch up to its new rival where views are concerned, per Dexerto.

According to TwitchMetrics, however, Respawn's hit has amassed more views over the last 30 days. But the other publication claims that Fortnite's new season could be the reason for more fans gravitating towards it as of late.

As for the kickoff of Apex's first season, a tweet from AMDGaming suggests that this Tuesday could be the launch date. Whenever that happens to be, it's quite likely that Twitch views will spike thereafter.

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