PUBG: The 13 Best And 12 Most Useless Items In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is different than your typical battle royale game. It was the game that really kick-started the genre's popularity and generated a wave of video games in the genre. Most battle royale games follow a similar formula to what PUBG does. You start off up high, land somewhere and hope for the best looking for weapons and items to kit yourself with. Other games have introduced different mechanics to these games like building from Fortnite or a class system (like in Realm Royale). Other battle royale games have attachments and items as well, but what makes PUBG different is how much more nuanced the approach to these attunements is built. It isn't impossible to make a run for a chicken dinner without making some serious headway getting good gear. At some point, the items and attachments become a necessity. You can't attempt to be number one if you're toast, so keeping healing items on hand is key. Scopes make aiming easier, and also help get lay of the land. Obviously the further you can see, the more of an advantage you'll have. And, of course, classic armor adds another layer of protection so you may stay alive a little while longer. Weapons, items, and equipment are needed to survive in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but, like most things in life, there are some better than others. These are the 15 best items and the 15 most useless items in PUBG. Everything you could look for and everything you may want to avoid as you strive for a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

25 Best: Adrenaline

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Adrenaline is similar to energy drinks. The biggest difference is that it provides the full protection and has the ability to heal a player. They may take a little longer to administer compared to other options, but they can provide you with a winning edge. The added movement speed boost is no joke — it can save your bacon in a pinch. Don't be surprised if an opponent turns the tables on you by popping some adrenaline and zipping around.

24 Useless: Clothing Loot

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Why would you want to pick up miscellaneous clothes that are found throughout the map. I could think of a few reasons, the main being you are just starting to play and don’t have any clothes equipped. The only piece of clothing you need to pick up are the helmets and vests that could help you get your chicken dinner. There is no reason other clothes should be in the game. There is nothing special about these items other than changing the way you look. That might be helpful in other games as clothing items might have stats associated with them but these clothes are just for show.

23 Best: Spetsnaz Helmet

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Helmets are extremely useful in PUBG. They provide protection for the head, which is a very popular target (duh). There are three levels of noggin protection in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The best helmet is the Spetsnaz helmet. Of the three, this helmet provides some of the best protection in the game. The Spetsnaz helmet is exceedingly durable and handy — there's a reason it's so prolific. The only caveat is that this helmet makes its appearance in air drops, which have a tendency of attracting a lot of attention. If you can, get the Spetsnaz. If not, any helmet is better than nothing.

22 Useless: Vans


Vehicles are found throughout the many different maps of PUBG. Some are better than others for various reasons such as speed or how much gas they have. The van is a vehicle that you may want to avoid. While it can withstand some bullets, it’s also a large target. Because of its size, it also doesn’t go as fast as some of the other vehicles do. There are some good things about the van, but you may want something versatile — PUBG has plenty of great vehicles.

21 Best: Flash Hider

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A flash hider is a useful attachment in PUBG. It removes muzzle flashes when you fire, so players may find it difficult to locate you if you are far enough. The other big thing that a flash hider does is reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil. It reduces both enough to be worthwhile. Certain weapons may have worse recoil than others, so having a flash hider attachment is very handy. There are flash hiders for submachine guns, snipers, and rifles — so you have no excuse not to prioritize this upgrade.

20 Useless: Bullet Loops

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Bullet loops fall into the same category as the quickdraw magazine because bullet loops also allow for a faster reload speed. What makes them different to other quickdraw magazines is that they are for specific weapons. Bullet loops are used for shotguns and sniper rifles. Another thing they can do is decrease the base spread of a weapon. As I said before, there are better, more useful attachments that have a variety of indispensable skills.

19 Best: Scar-L


There are a variety of weapons to choose from in PUBG. Some are better than others. In terms of assault rifles, some may say that the Scar-L is one of the better ones. What makes the Scar good is its manageable recoil (without any attachments). It doesn’t kick up as much as some of the others do. Another good thing about the gun is its fire-rate. It can be useful when you toggle the full-auto firing option. The main downside of this gun is its iron sights, which shouldn’t matter when you attach a good scope. The combination of its low recoil and consistent fire-rate makes the Scar a weapon you should look out for off the bat.

18 Useless: Quickdraw Magazine

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The quickdraw magazine is only good for one thing. Sure, being able to reload faster can be very helpful, but it may not be quite as helpful as some of the other magazines can. Most of the other attachments have multiple different uses, and a lot of them are plainly better than being able to reload faster. If this is something that can help you, go ahead and pick it up, however, there are other, better alternatives to the quickdraw magazine in PUBG.

17 Best: Extended Magazine

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The extended magazine can be found for different types of weapons like pistols and rifles. There are other magazine types, but the extended is unique because it provides more bullets that you can fire before having to reload. Some extended magazines for certain guns can provide a massive decrease in reloading for extra help as well. It can be beneficial in the early portion of the game when you have one gun and are taking on another player.It may just be the edge you need. It could also be useful when engaging in a firefight and the other player has to reload. Extended magazines are an attachment to look for.

16 Useless: Stun Grenade

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There are three types of grenades in PlayerUnknow's Battleground. Respectively, they are: the frag, smoke, and the stun. The frag is pretty self-explanatory: throw and it explodes. Smoke grenades generate a smoke cloud. The stun does what the name entails. However, the stun grenade is a throwable you may want to avoid. Unlike the smoke and frag grenade, if you miss with the stun, and it may cost you. If you do get somebody, it doesn’t really last a good amount of time, either. If you find a way to use it, go ahead, but this grenade you may want to avoid.

15 Best: Pan

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The pan is the most recognizable thing in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There isn’t anything in the game as satisfying as taking out a player out with a frying pan — other than maybe getting a chicken dinner! The pan does the most damage and the biggest impact of all the melee weapons. What separates the pan from the other melee weapons is its versatility. If you aren’t using a pan to fight with, it’ll provide protection from behind, similar to a helmet or vest. So if you are prone and not paying attention to what’s happening behind you, you can breathe a little easier knowing that there is some extra protection. Every edge you can get helps, so stock up on these multipurpose items.

14 Useless: Gas Can

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The gas can is exactly what it sounds like: a gas can. There isn’t anything special besides the fact that it holds gas. The thing is, you don’t really need it. While you may find a vehicle that needs gas, you may not need the extra gas the can provides. The other downside to the gas can is it takes an inventory slot. Needless to say, in PUBG even a single inventory slot can be key to victory. If you have a vehicle that is useful during your match, then take a gas can. Otherwise, just leave it be, it's basically useless.

13 Best: Suppressor

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Suppressors are extremely useful. They provide a 5% reduction in noise, so gunshots aren’t as loud as they are. They are also very versatile since they can be used on a variety of weapons. If you find one, keep it. You never know how useful it may be when you are surrounded by multiple players. And of course, they are also great for sniper rifles because they offer an additional layer of stealth. Make finding a suppressor a key part of your looting!

12 Useless: Red Zones

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Red Zones aren’t items, attachments, or anything other than something to be afraid of. But come on, why do they exist at all? Red Zones are decidedly aggravating, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is tense enough without adding insult to injury. They are a part of the game but do they really have to be? It's way less satisfying to be eliminated by a Red Zone than another capable player.

11 Best: Energy Drink

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The energy drink provides a good amount of boost. The biggest difference about it compared to the other healing items is how long it lasts. While it can regenerate health, it requires at least two drinks in order for the health regeneration to work. The amount of boost it provides is also less than some of the other options. The biggest advantage of the energy drink is the speed at which it is consumed — it's next to nothing. If you want a boost quickly, having an energy drink is useful.

10 Useless: Used Helmets And Vests

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Sure, any vest or helmet can be a good thing to have, but since these are used, they just aren't as effective. Sure, they'll help, but only for a short amount of time. An unused vest or helmet can last longer. Having any vest or helmet is better than nothing at all, but don't pick these up unless you absolutely need them. Realistically, there's not much point in these for the wide swath of players in a match.

9 Best: Vertical Foregrip

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The vertical foregrip is something that can be attached to assault rifles. These are useful because they provide assistance with recoil. You guessed it: these help reduce the vertical recoil of a weapon. Of course, this is helpful when a weapon kicks up to the sky and you need to bring it back down to a target. Along with reducing the recoil, the vertical grip also reduces the pattern of the recoil substantially. This means that they won’t be as erratic as before. In short: you will be more in control of the weapon. Any attachment that helps you take down targets should be a priority when you take to the battlegrounds.

8 Useless: Shotgun Choke

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The shotgun choke is actually quite useful if you think about it. In essence, it increases the range of a shotgun — of course, it helps with the spread and speed of the weapon as well. Unfortunately, because of the increased range, its damage starts to degrade as the bullets are in flight. It also doesn’t really do a lot in terms of recoil adjustment. The choke narrows the shells instead of the spread that shells do normally so if you have multiple targets, the choke may not work as well as the shotgun should.

7 Best: AWM


The AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle in PUBG. It’s mainly designed for extreme range. Crucially, it generates the most damage of all the sniper rifles in the game. It’s possible to take an enemy down with one shot, even when wearing a helmet (which makes this gun extremely valuable). There are a lot of sniper rifles in PUBG, some that may be more present than others, but if you have the option to get this sniper, get it. It may lead to a chicken dinner after all!

6 Useless: Airdrops

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Airdrops are actually a pretty good thing. They contain very special things that can only be found inside them. However, just because you are near a spot where the care package as landed, doesn't means that you should immediately attempt to get the loot. It can be used to lure players into a trap. You may already have what is inside too. Often, they simply aren't worth the rick. If you go for an airdrop, be ready for anything. Of course, you can always just skip them and save yourself the headache.

5 Best: 4x Or 8x Scopes

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Attachments are very important in PUBG. Some help with the control of a gun so aiming may be easier. The best scope is a 15x — it provides the crucial range players need to excel. Needless to say, they are pretty rare and may only come in the airdrops throughout a map. There's nothing wrong with using one of the alternatives, like the 4x or 8x in the meantime. Both provide enough range to help in a firefight. Any type of scope is useful and can provide a speed boost in aiming down sights making it easier to get a shot off before someone else does.

4 Useless: R1895


Pistols aren’t all that great in PUBG. Sure, it’s a good early weapon to have but they simply don’t provide the damage other guns do. The worst pistol is the R1895 revolver. It takes a longer time to reload than many other pistols, and you can’t really put a scope on it. On top of that, it also has the longest time between shots fired. Simply put: there are better pistols than this — if you can try to avoid the R1895, do.

3 Best: Med Kit

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One of the most important things that you need in a game about being the last person standing is —needless to say— a classic health pack. There are a handful of different options in PUBG when it comes to healing yourself.  The most effective is the med kit. Sure, some options are faster, but they don’t heal as well as the medkit does. So, if you have some room and you have to choose between multiple healing items, take the med kit.

2 Useless: Bandages

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Bandages are another markedly less useful healing item in the game. They take the shortest amount of time to use, which is good, but they simply aren't as useful as some of the other healing items. Moreover, they don't heal enough, which is their core function. Bandages are useful to have because any type of healing item is useful to have. The problem with bandages is that they are technically the worst healing item.

1 Best: Backpack

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The backpack is a vital part of the PUBG experience. It allows a player more room for their loot, which can mean you can carry more items. There are different types or “levels” of backpacks and other items. Any of them are helpful, but finding level 2 and level 3 backpacks can provide you with more capacity. Level 2 backpacks provide 200+ capacity whereas level 3 backpacks provide 250+ capacity. Mostly everything you collect in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is important, so being able to gather as much of it as you can is extremely beneficial.

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