PUBG Is Changing Its Blue Circle Of Death And Targeting Cheaters For Bans

A new update is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which will change the Blue Circle of Death, and also ban potentially hundreds of thousands of cheaters.

Changes designed to up the adrenaline are coming to the Blue Circle in the latest update to PUBG, according to the latest news post by the developers on Steam. The idea here is to rebalance the blue zone to make combat happen more consistently throughout the game and punish those who are late to the final zone.

Often PUBG players note there is an initial frenzy of combat as players arm up and then take down those nearby. After the first wave of losses, the match can become tense and quiet as players wait in ambush or slowly sneak their way into safe zones. By changing the way the Blue Circle behaves the developers are aiming to provide a more consistent feel to each match.

There will be a slight decrease in the wait time before the blue circle starts closing as well as a slight decrease in the shrinking speed mid-to-late match. This means that the circle will be shrinking more often, but slower, making the later stages of the match an inexorable march to a final confrontation.

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The final change will be an increase in the damage taken while outside the final blue zone, punishing players that are late to the last battle. This will make positioning in the late game even more important as players will no longer be able to wait far from the center to avoid combat.


Another change that PlayerUnknown is working towards is a vast upgrade to their anti-cheat systems. "After PC 1.0 launch, our highest priority has been ensuring a fair and competitive environment by combating cheats and decreasing the amount of their users,” wrote the developers, and they’ve taken some pretty drastic steps to accomplish this.

They’ve manually analyzed tens of millions of data logs with over 10 million players and identified 100,000 more instances of cheating that the developer says is a definite pattern. They’ll all be banned in a single wave in the coming days. They’re also committed to this kind of cheat banning and data analysis "even if it means the anti-cheat team has to filter through hundreds of billions of data logs manually."

PlayerUnknown is also working with local authorities to go after makers and distributors of cheats while at the same time upgrading their anti-cheat software to become even better at catching cheaters.

No time frame on the release of this update, but expect it “soon”.


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