PUBG Corp Withdraws Lawsuit Against Fortnite Developers

The court case between Player Unknown: Battlegrounds and Fortnite has come to an abrupt end after the former has pulled out of proceedings.

In less than a year, battle royale gaming has become the talk of the video game world and is equals parts popular and addictive. The front-runners in the genre are of course Player Unknown: Battlegrounds and Fortnite, and if you have dared to venture into the comments section of a video clip of either game, you'll know that the fans of each one vociferously claim their platform is the better one.

It has likely struck quite a few people that PUBG and Fortnite coming around at about the same time seems awfully coincidental. It was certainly something that didn't go unnoticed by the creators of PUBG, PUBG Corp. The company was of the belief that Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, stole their popular battle royale formula and were willing to take them to court over it.


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According to Bloomberg, however, the court case has been dropped rather suddenly. PUBG Corp. confirmed on Wednesday that the lawsuit had been withdrawn but would not comment on why or where both companies will go from here. A settlement may have been reached between the two parties but at this moment in time that is unknown.

Euro Gamer has reported that the withdrawal of the court case shouldn't come as much of a surprise. PUBG Corp. and Epic may have their differences but they also have a number of shared interests. Chinese corporation, Tencent owns a part of both companies, and PUBG actually uses Epic's Unreal Engine. With all that taken into consideration, it would appear that it is in everyone's best interests for the two of them to just get along.

Even though both games are different versions of the increasingly popular battle royale way of gaming, it's not as if the two of them can't co-exist. Some players prefer PUBG, others stick to Fortnite, but for many, they probably play both. The two games are both extremely popular and whether one game stole something from the other, it doesn't seem to be affecting either's popularity.


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