PUBG Has Heard Players’ Complaints And Is Changing Up Crate And Key Systems

PUBG Corp., developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has listened to their fans: crates that required purchasing a key will be phased out.

Many agree that microtransactions are the worst part of modern gaming. PUBG Corp., developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegroundshas listened to their fans: very soon, locked crates that required purchasing a key from the Steam Marketplace will be phased out completely, and any crates purchased with the in-game currency will be free to open.

PUBG lets players purchase Random Crates with BP, the in-game currency, which can turn out to be either locked or unlocked. The system was considered to be a "money-grabbing scheme" by many fans, with countless forum posts complaining about how players find themselves getting locked crates increasingly often.

"Why don't they remove the crates altogether and just make the items available for purchase only... at least then it wouldn't seem like a ripoff," one user complained.

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Published in a dev letter on PUBG's blog, the company adds that crates that you already own or have bought from the marketplace can still be opened with the appropriate key that is still available for purchase. If you want your locked crate after December 18th, you can get it (and the key) from the Steam marketplace - business as usual; they just won't be dropping randomly when purchased with BP.

Additionally, the drop probability has been adjusted so that players are more likely to receive "[weapons] of an attractive design." "We know players have been asking for changes to the crate system for quite some time and hope that these changes prove our commitment to keeping purchases in PUBG a fun and rewarding experience," writes item production developer Sujin Kim in the blog post.

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The letter also states that the company isn't looking to get rid of the Steam Marketplace completely, but to increase interest in crates. Previous patches were supposed to lower the probability of players getting locked crates, but that simply didn't cut it, so removing them completely was the only remaining option for the team. As for other improvements, the blog post adds, "The probability of obtaining the top tier items was increased as well but they will still remain difficult to obtain in order to not impact the market value of the skins or crates."

However, fans are not so easily swayed by good news. The biggest question: how is PUBG Corp. going to earn money now? "Wouldn't be surprised to see BP become a purchasable item at some point in the near future, though," writes a Reddit user, while another remains cynical: "Surprised to see them backing off of locked crates. I guess the whales weren't funding enough sales." And now that it is obvious that the company is listening (unlike many others - *ahem* EA *ahem*), players want to know when other problems - such as sound - are being fixed.

I mean, you can't get it unless you ask for it, right?

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