PUBG Is Expanding Its Matchmaking And Implementing A Full Ranked System - Something Fortnite Still Doesn't Have

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally making the leap to PS4, and its bringing with it some big changes. Yesterday I joked that it was too late for PUBG to make any kind of big moves. That it was too much of an old dog to learn new tricks capable of surviving against Fortnite. Now, however, PUBG is doing something Fortnite won't: adding a ranking system.

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A patch called Update 22 is launching on PUBG's test servers, says Polygon, and it'll do a lot to make the game more competitive. Matchmaking is the focus of this effort. Fans of PUBG have often said that the game is more skill-based than other battle royales. PUBG Corp. seems to be leaning into this reputation by refining the matchmaking to account for skill even more. This will be done via Rank Points.

Rank Points are given at the end of each match based on your individual performance. Based on how many points you accumulate, you'll be put into one of eight ranks. Like in other games with ranked modes, you can lose and gain points, dropping and climbing ranks as a season progresses. At the end of a season...well, there's been no word on that. But it seems reasonable to assume there will be some kind of rank-based rewards.

via: Polygon.com

Update 22 brings some minor quality-of-life changes as well. The addition of a radial menu will make selecting grenades and healing items easier. Players will also be able to select their map of choice again, rather than just picking a map size and hoping for their favorite.

This update is definitely a step in the right direction for PUBG. The game can't be expected to match Fortnite's general popularity at this point, and it has no hope of pulling Call Of Duty fans away from the new Call of Duty. The best thing PUBG Corp. can do is further cultivate its image as the skill-based battle royale. We'll see if Update 22 can make that happen when it goes live sometime next week.

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