PUBG Finally Gets Cross-Play, Pitting Xbox One And PS4 Gamers Against One Another

Great news for players everywhere as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has finally enabled cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. PC players still cannot join in, but this is still a great first step towards making cross play a permanent and welcome feature of the game.

This feature is one that was initially presented in August. The news and future additions of cross play through the PC will help augment the player base by bringing everyone together regardless of which platform they use. This is a big step towards keeping the online community together, which is necessary for a game like PUBG which only exists because of its large-scale online competition. In the long-term this will keep queue times to a minimum and provide the broadest range for matchmaking, which keeps similarly skills players together.

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Players should take note that the initial launch of this cross-play feature is limited in what it can offer but is sure to expand in the future. For now, players will be matched against opponents on both consoles but can only party with other individuals on the same system. Gamer handles will clearly mark a player as being on a PS4 or Xbox One.

Another game that has implemented cross-play in a nearly flawless manner is Dauntless by developer Phoenix Labs. Players from both consoles and PC can party up together or be matched into a hunt, and each gamer handle also clearly marks what platform is being used.

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The future of cross-play looks bright following Sony’s surprise announcement on Tuesday, October 3, stating that it would be opening access for PS4 multiplayer to all developers. This is a significant shift from their last few years, where they were opposed to the idea of cross-play. Over the next year, we should be seeing more and more titles with cross-play as a standard feature rather than an exception to the rule.

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Other updates in the PUBG patch include an update to how the leaderboard presents scores depending on the cross platform play option, and Season 4 of Survival Title System is now live with new seasonal rewards. Finally, players who do not wish to use the cross-play feature can disable it in Settings.

Source: pubg.com, engadget.com

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