Learn From The Pros: 30 Awesome Things Players Can Do In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Back in the days of the Roman gladiator games, the ceremonies used to follow a very rigid program. First, the bestiarii, the animal fighters, would come on and fight various animals from the farthest reaches of the empire. Then, there would be fatal rituals, based on Greek and Roman myths, and the games would start in earnest. I don't simply bring these up because classical history is interesting, but because PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is effectively a modern gladiator contest. We partake in the ritual of the pre-game lobby, punching other players, throwing apples, and galavanting around, before we get onto the game proper.

Just as in the Roman era, people take on a variety of loadouts. Do you go for heavy armor, shotguns, and assault rifles, the equivalent of the Murmillo? Sure, you're going to have the best weapons, but you're going to be much easier to spot and take down. How about the combination of the ghillie suit, VSS, and silenced SMGs, the modern day retarius? Look, I'm going to stop this simile now. I don't know how much more mileage I can get out of it, and I want to get on to what this article is really about.

PUBG is an unforgiving game. When you first start, you're going to get battered about. It takes hours and hours to get into the last 10, or to win a game. In this article, we've pulled together a list of basic and advanced tips, to help you get that winning advantage.

30 Take Off Your Shoes

Sound is absolutely crucial in PUBG. More often than not, when someone is close to you, you're not going to be able to see them. Whether they're over a ridge, above you in a house or apartment, or running around on the street outside, you'll hear them. The sound of footsteps serves as an alarm for players. It's a sign you've got to get ready to fight or hide. However, there's a way to get the drop on your opponents. Take off your shoes. Running barefoot is just as quick, but not as noisy.

29 Refuel From Within The Car

Vehicles are your best friend in PUBG, for many reasons that we'll get on to later. They do have their flaws, though. One of these is that you need to refuel them occasionally, especially if you've been boosting about a lot. Most players think that you need to leave the safety and cover of your car to refuel, but that's not true. You need to be stopped, but you can still refuel while staying safe. Just go to your inventory and right-click on the fuel can.

28 Check Your Fire Mode

If there's one thing that PUBG likes to do, it's mess with its players. One way it does this is with fire modes. Most guns seem to start in a mode that's not convenient for the gun at all. For example, SMGs always start on single shot. That's not what you want. They're pretty weak, and to do any damage up close, you're going to want them in full-auto. To change the fire mode, hit B/D-pad Left. Enjoy blasting your enemies away!

27 Choose Your Landing Site Carefully

PUBG's flight paths will inevitably give you a big range of places to land, and you've got to weigh up the pros and cons of each location. If you land out in the sticks, granted, you're probably not going to get shot right away, but good loot is rarer. Land in a big city, and you're guaranteed to have a big group of new friends. The best strategy is to land on the outskirts of a large city and wait for the population to thin itself out. Then go in and mop up the loot.

26 Switch Your Armour

I know how it is. You're wandering around after taking a couple of bullets to your level 3 armor, but you keep waiting and waiting to switch until you find new level 3 armor. God dammit, you don't want to downgrade, do you? Well, you really should. Damaged level 3 armor can be way, way worse than pristine level 1 armor. To see how much protection your armor is actually giving you, look at the number next to it in your inventory.

25 Watch Your Bullet Drop

When you're using sniper rifles, accuracy is crucial. You want to know where your bullets are landing, so you don't just end up landing your bullets at their feet. There's a very simple way to do this. Instead of simply tapping the left mouse button to fire, hold it down. This way, you stay zoomed in, allowing you a very good view of exactly where your bullets land. If you've got a silenced sniper, try shooting the walls of an apartment block or house some distance off, just to gauge your shots.

24 Switch To An Underarm Throw

When you're throwing grenades about, you want to be able to throw with the most accuracy you can. If you were throwing a ball in real life, you'll know that sometimes you want to throw underarm, rather than overarm, particularly at close range. You can do this in PUBG, even if they don't make it particularly obvious. To throw grenades, hold down the left mouse button, right click then press R. On Xbox, simply hold down the left trigger while holding down the right one.

23 Use Space To Your Advantage

A lot of the time in PUBG, use of space is what makes the difference between losing and winning. You never want to let your opponent have an advantage over you when it comes to line of sight. Don't stand anywhere in a straight line behind a door. When you're lying in wait, you don't want someone who comes in to be able to see you right away. Stand to either side, while ensuring you have a good shot at the door. Another example is going prone on an upper floor with a clear view of the staircase.

22 Use Your Compass

That compass up on the top isn't just for show. Use it! It's an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of your opponents. Say someone shoots at you, and you determine it's coming from the North. This will then let you keep track of them, regardless of whether you turn around and sprint through the town, or whatever. You can always keep track of where they're likely to be, presuming they've not moved. Unlike bearings, which change depending on your location, the compass directions will stay the same, allowing you to keep track more easily.

21 Understand The Circle’s Movements

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A rookie mistake that I made when I first started playing PUBG is assuming that the circle always moves concentrically. It really doesn't. The circle doesn't simply close in on the center of the previous circle. Instead, it can move in on basically any part of the previous circle. As such, don't beeline for the center of the circle. Simply get into the circle, and wait to see where the next one spawns. You really don't want to get stuck miles away from the new circle.

20 Use The Circle Against Other Players

As a follow-up to the previous tip, when you have a better understanding of the circle, try using it against other players! A fantastic way to do this is to venture just inside the circle, and, if someone is chasing you, simply pin them down outside the circle. They'll have two options: either they move and expose themselves to your fire, or they get offed by the circle. Either way, they'll be going down! Use it to your advantage, and you'll earn yourself a powerful ally.

19 Use Vehicles

Vehicles aren't only fun to drive around in, they're also fantastic things to augment your tactics with. This is especially helpful in squad and duo. Grab a vehicle each and convoy your way around the map while other players wither themselves down. I have fond memories of doing this with friends recently. We each grabbed a pickup or a jeep, and hared around like fools, honking our horns and tearing through cities. We were able to reach drop sites faster than anyone else, securing ourselves high-level gear. Eventually, it was just us and about 4 others.

18 Don’t Open Doors While Standing In Front Of Them

This is just good tactical sense. If you open a door while standing right in front of it, what does that do? It exposes you. If someone is lurking on the other side with a shotgun or an SMG, you are absolute toast. Toast now full of holes. Instead, stand to either side of the door while you open it, and then peer in, rather than exposing yourself to the wrath of whoever may be lying in wait on the other side.

17 Use Alt To Freelook

You know what sucks? Not being able to look behind you. If you don't know about this tip, if you want to look behind you or to the side, you have to move your mouse and strafe or backstep. That slows you down, plus is slower than freelooking. Hold down the alt button while running, and you're able to look in any direction by moving the mouse. To do this on the Xbox One, hold down the right bumper and use the right stick.

16 Put A Pin Back In Your Grenades

We've all been there, haven't we? You pull a pin out of a grenade and then think better of it. What is one to do? You either get blown up or waste a grenade, right? WRONG! There's an easy enough way to effectively put a pin back in your grenade. All you need to do is, while holding down the fire button, open your inventory, and drag the grenade back from your grenade slot to your backpack. Just be careful, the grenades have a timed fuse.

15 Free Up Backpack Space

Even with a level 3 backpack, you can't just go around picking up every item littering the map. Eventually, you run out of space, and are forced to drop some stuff. However, there is a way to eke out some extra space. You see, the items that you have equipped don't actually count as taking up space in your backpack. If you've got a bulky item, something like a VSS or an M249, equip it. Another example is that stun grenades can be equipped to make space for frags, and so on.

14 Use Bandages Efficiently

It can be hard to get used to how healing works in PUBG. It's not like in other games where your health regenerates or you simply get health packs. While there are the first aid kits, which restore 100 percent of your health, they're rare. Most of the time, you'll have to settle for bandages or energy drinks, which restore health incrementally. When you're healing with bandages, don't spam them. This just wastes them. Instead, apply the next one when the first one is two-thirds of the way through its health restoration.

13 Clear Your HUD For A Clean Shot

In a game where so much can happen, it's no wonder that PUBG's hub can get...how should we say this? Crowded. It's usually not a problem, but if you're trying to line up a  shot only for an icon to get in the way, it could cost you the match. There's an easy way to deal with this. On PC, press CTRL + U to clear the HUD completely, and free up screen space. This way, you'll be completely distraction-free, and able to do exactly what you have to.

12 Move While Healing

Like refueling the cars, it can be extremely frustrating, not to mention dangerous, if you need to heal. Healing requires you to be stood stock still, not moving, for a perilous amount of seconds. If someone gets the drop on you while you're healing, you're done. There is a way to somewhat shorten this process, however. You can start moving when you’ve got half a second left of healing to go. Do it before then and the healing cancels, but time it right, and you've earned yourself valuable maneuverability.

11 Jump Higher

How would you like to jump higher? I'm sure you'd love that, right? It lets you access areas easier, including those superb sniper nests hidden away at the top of a pile of crates. Jumping higher than the game's default jump could not be easier, and is as simple as doing a crouch jump, that old PC gaming standby. Press space, crouch, and W at the same time. It's recommended that you rebind crouch to C, rather than CTRL. CTRL+W is a Windows shortcut for closing a window, and that's not something you want to do.

10 Bait Players

Are you the devious sort? Do you want to play with other players' hopes and dash them in an instant? Here's how you should do that. Drop some low-level healing items like bandages to lure someone into a building, thinking it has been looted. Then pop out and get 'em. The trick here is don't leave any actual weapons on the ground. You don't want them to turn around and pop a couple into you. Leave them nothing they can use against you, then take them out!

9 Get A Speed Boost

You know that little boost start you can do in Mario Kart that can get you comfortably ahead of the pack? You can do something similar in PUBG. Say you're in squad or duo, and you're the getaway driver. You're sat outside the house, when all of a sudden, you hear shots and your friends come running out. You need to go, and quick! Hold down spacebar, shift, and W to spin your wheels. When you let go of the brake, you’ll accelerate faster, which could be the difference between life and death.

8 Destroy Cars With Ease

When you're not in a car and simply going about your business, wandering down the road like some postapocalyptic beat writer, there's not a lot more intense than the roar of an engine. In short, sometimes, you've got to make cars explode. If you've got an M249, then good news, you can do this extremely easily! Going prone with the M249 reduces its recoil to essentially nil. That means lying down and spraying a huge stream of hot lead at their cars becomes child's play. A few bursts, and it'll go up.

7 Delete The Loading Movie

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This is only for the PC players out there, but you're going to thank me for it. You know those annoying, unskippable screens that come up at the beginning of every sodding game? You can delete those, if you're a PC gamer. They're a file like any other. In PUBG's case, you need to delete Loadingscreen.mp4, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Content\Movies. Delete this, and you'll get into the game faster every time. This can be done in most games, and is something well worth doing!

6 Get Out Of Apartments Quicker

You know the massive apartment blocks you find in PUBG's larger settlements? They're fantastic places to find loot, but getting out of them can take a while. Depending on whether anyone else is inside, that's either an annoyance or a lethal issue. There's a way to get out quicker, though. Walk off the railing on the roof, and fall onto the arch above the door. You won’t take fall damage, believe it or not, and can then simply run off into the sunset, avoiding any would-be pursuers.

5 Cook Grenades (Carefully)

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When I talk about cooking grenades, I don't mean making them into a nice souffle or a casserole. In this context, cooking means holding onto the grenades while the fuse ticks down, before throwing them, cutting down your opponent's escape time. To do so, just hold down the fire button, which will make your character hold onto the grenades after they've pulled the pin. For God's sake, be careful though. Every grenade has a five-second pin, and holding on past that can be fatal.

4 Grab Items While Jumping

There's not a whole lot more annoying than seeing some incredible item just out of reach. Sure, you could make your way up there, but that would take precious time. Instead, there's an easier way to do it. You can grab items while jumping. Jump with your inventory open and quickly drag them into your backpack. An alternate method involves jumping, clicking and holding left click onto the item, then dragging it to your inventory. Jump again and let go of the item.

3 Use The Map To Zero Your Guns

When you've got a scope and need to zero it in to avoid over or under compensating for bullet drop, it can be a bit of a guessing game, to begin with. However, it needn't be. Open the map and look for a landmark you can see. Look at the lines on the map. From one white line to another white line is 100m. From one yellow line to another yellow line is 1000m. By extrapolating from this, you can zero your sights in with tremendous accuracy.

2 Open Doors In The Lobby

Do you ever go to the spawn island? It's that tiny little island off the coast of the map. While it's often quite a way out of the circle, it isn't always, and if you get a boat or jump onto it, you can get some fantastic loot. There's a way to make looting it even quicker. Opening doors on the island, while you're in the lobby, opens them in the game. This cuts out a huge amount of time, allowing you to get back to the main island more quickly.

1 Use Cars As Bait

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Another one for the more advanced players, if you're considering using cars as bait, you'll want to make sure they look...correct. Here's what you need to know: all cars spawn facing east with their brake lights out. To trick other players, drive east very slowly and jump out while the car is still moving. This will keep the brake lights out, allowing you to get the jump on them. Pair this with the M249 tip we mentioned earlier and you'll be able to get 1-4 kills without troubling yourself whatsoever.

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