PUBG Says Map Selection, Apparently Most Complicated Feature Ever, Is 'Almost Complete'

Players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will finally be getting the option to select which map they play on.

PUBG players have been waiting for the feature to go live ever since the introduction of Miramar, the game's second map. At first, the new desert map wasn't too fun to play on - it needed quite a few updates and tweaks before took to it like they did to Erangel, the game's original battleground.

Some players had even been resorting to deleting all their local files for one map, forcing the game to put them into the one they preferred.

Bluehole Corp, the developers behind PUBG, had initially suspected that including a map selection feature would divide the community, and increase matchmaking times. However, they have data from tens of millions of matches played, and have determined that their initial concerns were unfounded. In a post on Steam's forums, the developers had this to say: "We analyzed tens of millions of matches and sorted the data by server, mode, and time to make sure map selection wouldn’t break the game for anyone."

The upcoming feature will be a menu where players can select the maps they like to play on. They could pick just one map, and the game will only ever matchmake them onto that map; if they choose more than one map, the game will choose for them.

They acknowledge that, while the feature releasing now wouldn't fracture the game's community, it could cause problems in the future as new maps are inevitably added. The game's third map, the teenie-tiny Codename: Savage, is due for release sometime in the next few months, and more maps are doubtlessly on the way. It's very likely that map selection will be a temporary feature, or at least undergo major changes as the game continues to evolve.

What do you think? Is it too little, too late for PUBG to finally add a map selection feature? Could it really split the community, if there are particularly divisive maps added down the line?

At the same time, Fortnite is still only on one map, so the developers over at Epic haven't even had to think about this problem yet. When we do eventually see more Fortnite maps, it seems likely that they will be followed by Fortnite's own version of map selection.

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