PUBG Mobile Is Banning Cheaters For 10 Years, Has Already Banned 3500 Players

Cheaters and hackers in video games have been around for years. It would be rare for a gamer to not have encountered at least a handful in their gaming experiences. When they do pop up, the game quickly becomes frustrating and leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of its fan-base. PUBG Mobile has taken action to help alleviate the amount of cheaters in their game, and the strict penalties handed out should help deter others from doing so themselves.

In their effort to stop the cheating that can occur during PUBG Mobile, they have issued a ten year ban to those found cheating. This could be through the use of unauthorized third party apps or hacks that can provide an unfair advantage to any player or team.

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The threats of a ten year ban were not empty words from a game hoping to scare their players into playing fairly. PUBG Mobile has taken actual steps by already issuing over 3,500 of those ten year bans to players within the month of September alone. That's a staggering amount of bans handed out, but it shows that they are taking their game seriously and are helping to make their game as fair and enjoyable as possible. They will address the issue on a monthly basis going forward.

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Players will also have the option to report other players who are suspected of cheating. Through the in-game reporting system, the complaint will be sent to the investigating team responsible for determining if cheating took place. This can be a double-edged sword as players can issue reports whenever they want and against whomever they want even if they weren't cheating. Hopefully that doesn't become too much of an issue.

As one of the biggest mobile games of all time, PUBG Mobile wants their brand to continue to last for years to come, especially in a mobile gaming sphere that includes Fortnite, Apex Legends, and the most recent entry — Call of Duty Mobile. In a time where mobile games continue to progress and carve out a large chunk of the gaming industry, ensuring an enjoyable experience for your player base is key. Unfortunately, cheaters will always be part of the game, but PUBG Mobile is taking strong steps towards changing that.

Source: Gulf News

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