PUBG Mobile Player Allegedly Kills Father After He Refuses To Keep Paying For The Game

A 21-year-old from Karnataka, India was reportedly arrested for the alleged killing of his father after he refused to hand him funds to extend his mobile plan so he could play PUBG Mobile.

According to Gadgets360, police reported as much on Monday, claiming that K. Raghuveer attacked his 62-year-old father K. Shankarappa with a kitchen knife when the older man refused to give him a requested sum with which he planned to purchase mobile data. Belagavi Police Commissioner B.S. Lokesk Kumar claims the aggressor was addicted to PUBG.

"The gruesome murder happened earlier in the day when accused K. Raghuveer attacked his father K. Shankarappa, 62, with a kitchen knife, slitting his throat, chopping his hands and legs in a fit of rage at home for allegedly refusing him cash to recharge his mobile for playing PUBG, to which [he] was addicted ," Kumar told the media.

Police booked the accused under section 302 of India's legal code for the alleged offense before a local court placed him under remand to facilitate investigations. Raghuveer is unemployed but is the holder of a diploma in electrical engineering while his now-deceased father was a retired Assistant Reserve Sub Inspector. Raghuveer was his father's only son.

The 21-year-old is said to have pushed his mother out of a room following a heated argument with his father, who told him he would not give him money to recharge his mobile plan.

"Raghuveer bolted the room and brutally molested Shankarappa with the long knife, used for de-husking coconuts. Neighbours hurried to the house after they heard his mother crying and screaming over the gory incident," Kumar said.

The victim was rushed to a hospital but doctors at the facility pronounced him dead on arrival. The weapon in question had not been found at the time of writing.

"A bleeding Shankarappa was rush to the state-run hospital to save his life however doctors on duty declared him [deceased]," Kumar continued.

"We are searching for the weapon employed in the crime as it wasn't found within the area or house after the incident."

This is all quite sad and we may never comprehend how something that simple could escalate to the point where someone loses his life. But it would be unfair to blame PUBG as the argument was predicated on an expired data plan, plus the developers can't be held responsible for someone taking such drastic action just so he could keep playing.

Source: Gadgets360

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