PUBG Mobile And Resident Evil 2 Are Crossing Over For Mystery Event (Hint: It's Probably Zombies)

PUBG Mobile is teaming up with Resident Evil 2 to bring yet another weird crossover event to the game.

We’re not quite sure what is going on over at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Last month, everyone’s favorite gritty battle royale game teamed up with DC Comics to bring some Suicide Squad-themed skins to the game. Players could live out their comic book villain fantasies by appearing as either The Joker or Harley Quinn, complete with baseball bat and giant revolver.

Now it seems that PUBG is teaming up with Capcom to do a Resident Evil 2 crossover in PUBG Mobile.

Why, you ask? We don’t know. It could have something to do with the fact that a remade Resident Evil 2 is due out in January of next year, so the hype train is starting its engines a little early. Which is better than starting the same engine 2 years later as they did with the Suicide Squad crossover.

PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter handle linked us to Resident Evil 2’s Japanese Twitter account for the announcement. Through the magic of Google Translate, we get an idea of what’s going on:

"PUBG MOBILE × Resident Evil RE: 2 collaboration is decided!" reads the translated tweet. "What kind of innovative play can be produced by combining the world's most popular mobile game and survival horror's monument, two super IPs?"


That’s a good question, Capcom. What can two game monuments create when they combine forces?

Most Twitter users believe that the upcoming crossover will be some kind of zombie mode. Whether that turns out to be PvE or PvP remains to be seen, but zombies in the Resident Evil universe are typically the slow and stumbly kind, so it seems unlikely PUBG would make any of their players endure that kind of restricted movement.

Our money is on a big zombie horde mode where players have to survive against wave after wave of undead horrors.

The new remake of Resident Evil 2 comes out in January, so now’s a pretty decent time to get some crossover advertising in.

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