PUBG PC Gets All New Patch To Fix Multiple Bugs & Add New Content

The latest PUBG patch continues the developer's crusade against bugs with multiple fixes, but still has a ton of new content too.

PUBG players are used to weird bugs in their game, and even though it hasn’t seem to have affected PUBG’s popularity, the developers are still trying to squash out those bugs if for no other reason than to provide them with some credibility at developer conferences.

At the top of the latest patch notes (PC Update #21, for those keeping track) there is a whole slew of bug fixes all aimed at getting rid of some of the more egregious graphical errors. Some of the more notable bugs squashed revolve around entering and traveling in vehicles, where the player character would be rendered in a bizarre position that’s sometimes completely random.

There are also a ton of camera angle fixes as well as one fix where the player would render in a spot where they’re not actually present. That’s one bug that was sure to have infuriated more than a few players.


Next up, we have a brand new weapon to add to PUBG’s arsenal: the MK47 Mutant. It’s an AR-15-style assault rifle that’s got an extra long barrel and is chambered in the 7.62mm round. It comes with a 20-round mag as standard, but can be upgraded to the 30-round mag with the appropriate pickup. It can fit all assault rifle attachments except for stock attachments, and it fires in either single-shot or two-round bursts.

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The Mutant spawns on every map as a world spawn, so keep an eye out for it in your next game.

Training Mode is a new gameplay mode that’s now live on PUBG servers. As the name suggests, Training Mode allows players to familiarize themselves with PUBG's controls and weapons in a safe environment where they can’t drop below one hp no matter how many times they get shot. The map is a smaller 2x2 design with a maximum of 20 players. You can shoot other people, but nobody can die, so nobody can win. Unless you consider gaining some live-fire experience a win.

New for the Sanhok map is the Tukshai, a small three-person vehicle that’s basically an auto rickshaw. It replaces the UAZ, Dacia, and Minibus that was previously found on Sanhok, but it fits the overall theme of the map much better. It’s also slower and more vulnerable to fire, so use with caution.

There’s also a bunch of performance enhancements, blue-zone visibility enhancements, and much more. Check out the full patch notes for all that’s been improved.


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