PUBG: 25 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is a game built around the pretty simple premise of dropping 100 players onto a map and having them fight till only one player, or one team, remains. Despite this pretty intuitive concept, the game has a lot of quirks built in that are not made obvious to the player and frequently confuse players not intensely familiar with the inner workings of certain game mechanics.

Take the frying pan for example, in many games not only would you not see weapons not currently held by a player but these weapons would have no impact on gameplay but in PUBG the frying pan can block bullets at any time—even when holstered on the player's back. This can lead to players not understanding why their shots aren't connecting if they hit the frying pan on an enemy player.

While the frying pan example is an example of one of these quirks that has become iconic and is well known within the community around PUBG—there are still many things players can get wrong about PUBG. In fact, there is also some less-known information surrounding the game in general as well, including where the original idea for the game came from and some around Player Unknown himself.

This list will be counting down many of the things that gamers get wrong about PUBG and revealing the truth around each. Not only will this list be counting down some entertaining information but will also include some that could improve your gameplay.

25 PUBG (And The BR Genre) Was Originated By The Hunger Games

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Many would guess that the popular book and movie series The Hunger Games partially inspired the BR genre the gaming industry is seeing these days, and while it certainly inspired the Minecraft mods that led to games like PUBG, the Japanese book Battle Royale by Koushun Takami came beforehand and is much more clearly the inspiration for PUBG. From the island setting and grid map to incentives for players to move together and fight, this book (and movie) are what PUBG draws much of its inspiration from.

24 All Clothing Is Cosmetic

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PUBG's loot crate system provides clothing that only makes aesthetic changes and offers no competitive advantage.However, this is not to say that all of the clothing that you can choose in the character customization screen is cosmetic. The side pouch that comes standard actually add a small amount of carry space that can be useful in the early game.

Some may go without the pouch out of aesthetic tastes and since other items can pretty easily max out your carry capacity the pouch is not necessary, but holding more items before you find a backpack can an advantage.

23 Wearing Shoes Is The Way To Go

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Another example of one of PUBG's quirks around player clothing is the effect shoes have on gameplay.

While one would think that you would need shoes in the harsh environments that one finds themselves in while playing PUBG, the opposite is actually true.

The only thing that shoes have an effect on, asides from aesthetics, is the noise your footsteps make. While there is some complications in most situations going barefoot is quieter and makes a softer sound as compared to when wearing shoes—and every little advantage matters in PUBG.

22 Helmets Protect The Entire Head

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An important mechanic in PUBG is the helmets because they are the only item that can protect against head shots, which is important due to the high amount of damage a head shot can do. The helmets available include a motorcycle helmet, a typical military helmet, and then a heavy helmet with a full metal face shield.

One would assume that they all have the same protection hitbox, levels 1 and 2 do not protect the face—just as their models would suggest. This means that any shots to the face with these helmets will not be protected whatsoever.

21 Higher Level Armour Is Always Better

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Picking up a level 3 vest can make a player unstoppable, as it provides the most armour you can get in the game. What many players may not understand however, is that each piece of armour has its own durability, which dictates how many bullets it can take before breaking.

What this means is that the level 3 vest does not block more damage per hit, but rather more damage overall before breaking. This means that a highly damaged level 3 vest is actually worse than an undamaged level one in most cases.

20 A Vest Is Only Good For Blocking Bullets

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The main function of PUBG's vests is obviously increasing the amount of bullets the player can take before perishing, there is one other use the vest has.

Each vest will add carrying capacity in addition to blocking damage.

Backpacks are the way to go when looking for bulk carrying capacity, but these smaller boosts from vests are key as well. A bit more carrying capacity can mean the ability to carry more grenades, ammo, or vital meds so these boosts should not be overlooked.

19 Vests No Use Against Grenades

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PUBG's vests come with a lot of benefits and while knowing the ins and outs of these benefits can put one at an advantage, knowing the downfalls of items can be just as useful. One such downfall of the vest is that, while useful at blocking bullet damage, they cannot be used to block damage from grenades.

The same also goes for helmets, meaning that there is no way to avoid the full damage from a grenade besides getting out of the blast radius. For this reason grenades are great end-game item for getting your enemy out in the open.

18 Boosters Are Only Health Items

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Boosters such as medications or energy drinks that are fairly commonly found are excellent for topping off to full health and while this is probably their highest value use, it is good to know that these items provide more than health. Popping two of the common booster items will get you enough boost going on to give you an increased running speed. Despite this being not quite as essential as topping off your health bar, this can help you when crossing a wide open area.

17 Headshot Multipliers On Melee Weapons

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PUBG forgoes many typical video game conventions, which can make a lot of its attempts for increased realize feel quirky. While not incredibly rare, headshot multipliers are not something one typically thinks of when using melee weapons and the inclusion of them in PUBG makes melee weapons pretty interesting. While not necessarily all that useful of a tip due to the fact that melee fights are pretty rare, aiming for the head when using your fists or any melee weapon can score you some massive damage.

16 Returning To The Spawn Island

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On the original map—Erangel—the island on which everyone spawns in before entering the plane is home to some unique terrain and tables of every gun in the game. While the intentions behind this location is to have a place where players can load in and mess around with the various guns in the game, players discovered that you could take a boat from the main island back to this spawn island to get any gun they wanted. While the loot now de-spawns after a patch it is still possible to reach this island, but there is no reason to anymore.

15 A Supply Drop Will Indicate The Next Circle

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A common misconception amongst players anxious to get the best location in the next circle is that, by looking at where the loot crates are falling from the sky, you can tell the general direction in which the next circle will be travelling.

In fact, these loot crates are entirely random and some will even drop in areas the circle has deemed unsafe.

Like many things in PUBG, the circle is entirely random save for a few rules like how much water can be in the circle and that the center must be on land.

14 PUBG Is The First BR

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PUBG is undoubtedly the first battle royale game to reach mainstream popularity and while many may have been introduced to the genre through it, it is by no means the first game to explore the concept. The game mode actually has a fairly long history in not only other full release games, but in the modding community as well.

From H1Z1's version of the game to other games like The Culling, there are plenty of battle royale games that came before PUBG. In addition to these titles, there are also mods like the Minecraft Hunger Games mods as well.

13 PUBG Started As A Mod

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While PUBG is now a fully fledged game of its own, the first rendition Player Unknown created was a mod for the realistic military shooter Arma. Player Unknown of course then made his first full game, but these roots as a mod is sometimes unknown by players. With Arma being a series known for its search for increased realism, it's pretty obvious that the game inspired much of how PUBG plays, looks, and feels.

12 How To Run Faster

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A fairly commonly known PUBG trick is to put away your gun in order to sprint at a higher speed. This is a valuable thing to know when traversing open territory as every second spent out of cover can mean disaster.

What many players might be unaware of, however, is that each sub type of weapons has its own running speed.

Not only will having a weapon out slow you down, but this slow down effect will be different depending on what type of weapon you're holding. While each is different, the slowest type of gun is the shotgun.

11 Parachute Height

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Being able to be one of the first players on the ground when dropping in a popular area can mean that you are able to get a gun before others. While it may feel that getting a lower parachute drop comes down to chance, there is one technique you can use to drop faster.

If you can hit max speed while free falling by diving straight down you will transfer some of your downward momentum into the first bit of your parachute—meaning that you will dip down a little bit after pulling your chute.

10 Player Unknown Becoming Known

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While Player Unknown was originally a person of privacy all that changes once you become the designer of an ultra popular game like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Due to the persistent lack of his real name, Brendan Greene (Player Unknown) is not widely known by most players but is much more known following the release of PUBG. The pseudonym Player Unknown still remains as a reminder to the private person Greene is despite his newfound public persona.

9 Audio Advantage

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Many gamers choose to use a headset primarily for communication or to avoid bugging others, but some audiophiles use a headset for their ability to create surround sound.

Aside from higher audio quality, having surround sound is a key element of playing PUBG and many would say that it is necessary to have.

Surround sound allows for you to hear where footsteps and bullets are coming from. As many of PUBG's fights come down to who can get on target first, knowing where your opponent is is essential.

8 Gotta Go Fast

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Vehicles are a great means of getting around fast, but of course this comes at the cost of stealth and maneuverability in tight spaces. Finding a car can mean life or perishing with the zone closing in, as it can be your only means of escaping the damage from the play zone.

One trick that some players may not know of is how the speed of any vehicle can be increased by using the speed boost button. This will consume more gas while active but will allow you to reach the vehicles true top speed.

7 Getting A Grip

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Grips are one attachment that, while not necessarily a glamorous or immediately noticeable addition to your gun, are just as essential as any other. Adding on any grip will, in some way, make the gun handle better by tightening up the spread of it.

What players may not know however, is that each grip behaves differently. One example of this is the difference between the angled and vertical grips. The vertical will lower vertical recoil while the angled grip will tighten up the horizontal spread of a gun. There are many other grips in the game, and knowing the perfect one to use could lead to victory.

6 Getting On Target

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In long range fights hitting your shots is not as easy as just lining up your sight. Bullet drop is a tricky but essential thing to master.

While simply aiming up can account for the drop mastering the zeroing of your sight is much more effective.

Use the map to gauge the distance between you and your opponent and then set your zero distance to that in order to hit your target just by lining up your sights.

5 PUBG Mobile Is A Direct Port

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Many, upon hearing about PUBG getting a rendition on mobile platforms, expected that this launch would see the exact same game fans knew on PC and console. In fact the game coming to mobile would also bring some new features.

The mobile game brought in log in bonuses, missions, and a social system that did not exist in the main versions of the game. These features fit what mobile gamers expect as they are common attempts to retain players on the platform.

4 No Bots

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Despite some players you find on the battlegrounds making you question whether they could possibly be real players, these instances are often mostly just new players. The mobile version of the game however does add in computer players.

The main reason for this addition is so that new players can figure out the map and game in general without going up against too strong of competition right at the beginning. This mechanic is unique to the mobile version, however.

3 Damage Values

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Without spending a fair amount of time testing out different weapons, players in PUBG have no real way of knowing just how much damage each weapon does.

The game never easily displays this information to the player, making it up to dataminers and testers to figure out these values.

These values encompass much more than could be fit into a list, but looking into finding these values is a must for any serious players. Comparing different weapons will allow you to make decisions on which gun to pick up when the time comes on the battleground.

2 Shotguns Have Poor Aim

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Picking up a shotgun as your first weapon can be a blessing, as many early game encounters are at incredibly short range. However, anyone who's been in this situation will tell you about how awkwardly the shotgun can feel at times. Missing shots that seemed to be certain hits can become frustrating quick.

The reason why the shotgun can feel weird at times boils down to the zeroing of weapon. The base zeroing of the shotgun is 50 metres, which is why the sights and hip-fire reticle can be misleading at times—leading to missing shots.

1 A Snake In The Grass

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After hearing a sniper shot zip past your head, instincts kick in and the immediate reaction is to get behind some sort of cover to avoid being hit.

You may think that dropping to the ground in some of the games tall grass will conceal yourself from a far away sniper.

This is not the case though, as the grass that seems thick to you is outside of the render distance for far-off players. What this means is that the grass will not show up at all for players that are far enough away.

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