PlayerUnknown Removes Clothing (From In-Game Loot Drops)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds latest update not only adjusted the timing and deadliness of its Blue Zone Of Death, it also removed random clothing from in-game loot drops.

In a move that many players have been clamoring for for a long time, developer BlueHole finally made it so that purely aesthetic clothing spawns would no longer appear on any maps.

You've probably come across them in every single game of PUBG you've played: alongside useful, mechanically-relevant items like guns, ammo, and frying pan butt armour, you find a shirt and pants. Not even particularly exciting shirt and pants, either - in fact, thanks to loot boxes and other rewards, the average PUBG player is already wearing something much more interesting and appealing to them than whatever discarded clothing they find.

Of course, having clothes appear as random loot spawns all over the map lent a certain verisimilitude to the battlegrounds. It added to the sense of a rapid evacuation (or perhaps a Rapture-like event), leaving the island free of innocent bystanders for the slaughter to come. Hooray for slaughter!

Still, they won't be missed. In a game where people have to be so careful of how much time they spend looting, extra items to sort through that will never get picked up could only ever slow the game down. Not even have to think about clothing will ease some of the mental stress a solid game of PUBG can induce.

Other changes in this update include how the Blue Zone Of Death moves, and how frequently.

There is significantly less time to linger between Blue Zone phases, and this crunch time is felt hardest in the second phase of the game. Gamers will have 110 seconds less time - nearly two minutes - before they need to get moving, lest they get caught. At the same time, circle speed has been, overall, reduced, except for in the first two phases. This will make the early game of a PUBG match into a much faster, more hectic affair, which hopefully translates to more fun.

Still, PUBG has a hell of an opponent to keep up with in Fortnite. Are these changes enough to keep it on top, or is it doomed to fall to its more colorful competitor?

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