PUBG Savage: Round Two Of Testing Makes Big Changes To Tiny Map

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' upcoming map, Codename Savage, is undergoing another round of testing this week, and we've laid out some of the changes so far.

Codename Savage, for those unfamiliar, is going to be PUBG's (or Plunkbat's, if you're nasty) smallest map. At 4 kilometres square, it is a quarter the size of the game's previous two offerings. It's also set in a tropical biome, unlike Miramar's desert and Erangel's... Soviet vacation destination? Sure, we'll go with that.

Savage, so far, has proven to be a more claustrophobic, more brutal, and much faster way to play Bluehole's battle royale game. The map is divided into three large islands, and rivers providing easy access to most of the battleground by boat and jetski.

So What's Been Added?

Savage has gained three new areas: you have Banyan Grove, Abandoned Quarry, and Dock. The first two are located centrally, while Dock is located in the Southeast of the map.

Abandoned Quarry
Banyan Grove

So What's Changed?

Apparently, a few small tweaks have been made to easy player movement throughout the map. Object placement on restrictive areas such as bridges has been reworked, and doors have been re-colored to stand out better against their backgrounds.

The redzone has been made less lethal - or at least, its duration and radius have been lessened. That really just means that you're even more of a noob if you die to it.

The bluezone, for its part, has been adjusted as well. It will now shrink faster depending on how many players are left in the match. This is the sort of change that might come to the other maps, of course.

The weather system has been made more dynamic, as well - up until now, the weather had only changed once per match; now it may go through several different weather events before the fight is done.

When Can I Play It?

First of all, go here. Sign up for a beta key. Then, if you are lucky enough to receive one, you'll get the chance to play this version of Codename Savage between April 17th and 19th. Better yet, once you have the key, you'll be able to join in on future testing events, which have been promised to occur with some regularity.

When Will It Be Out Officially?

No word on that yet, except that it's still a few months away.

So? What are your thoughts on a tighter, deadlier PUBG map? Could Fortnite do with a similarly-tiny map?

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