PUBG Is Still Clearly Successful, Having Made $920 Million In 2018

One could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, but PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still very successful, as it raked in $920 million in revenue for the year 2018.

The battle royale has fallen behind the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends in popularity, with Battlefield also introducing a last man standing multiplayer mode of its own. Yet, there are still many gamers out there who remained loyal to the PUBG Corp. title amid main competitor Fortnite's remarkable hold last year.

Gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad has tweeted out details (first translated by Sinonobu) regarding PUBG's earnings, revealing that $310 million came in the form of profit. The Asian market is responsible for 53 percent of the revenue, while the majority came from PC gamers who saw to it that $790 million went to PUBG Corp. The mobile version of the game is just as popular as Fortnite.

The numbers for PC indicate a 314 percent increase over the previous year. However, mobile and console revenue stand at a relatively low $65 and $60 million respectively.

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The mobile version of the game has pulled in 200 million players since last December but, with Tencent having developed and published PUBG Mobile, it is free to play, although it still has microtransactions.

As for its hold on the Asian market, Fortnite doesn't seem to have a chance of overtaking PUBG in popularity over there. The game was recently banned by the Nepalese government, while Korea - a country that accounts for more profit than all of Europe and almost as much as North America - is excluded.

So, despite losing a bit of ground to Fortnite and, more recently, Apex Legends, PUBG still owns major real estate around the globe, more so Asia, where it happens to be king.

In case you're hoping for another installment of the game, though, it won't be coming from creator Brendan Greene, who recently announced that he's done with battle royales.

"I don't really intend to make PUBG 2," Greene, who has moved on to a new PUBG Corp division, said earlier this month. "I've done battle royale, it's time to try something else. I think I've provided others with a good way of killing each other. But I want to explore some other things."

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