Unknown Battleground: What Do Players Need To Know About PUBG's 'Savage' Map?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' third map is on the way, and at the time of this writing currently available on the Test Server.

Called Codename: Savage for now, the new map is tiny compared to the previous two, Erangel (that's the original) and Miramar. Savage is one-quarter the size of either of those, coming in at 4km on each side (the previous maps are each 8km on each side).

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The map is also set in a lush, jungle biome, with denser foliage and more ground cover than players may be used to. The three islands that comprise the new map are dotted with ancient abandoned temples, logging camps, and military bases.

The terrain is divided into three islands by a river that runs through the center of the map. In the northwest is the smallest island, which is home to a mountain cut with deep ravines. The southwest island is larger and home to one of the map's temples, which is current just a gray box while we wait for PUBG Corp to finalize the textures. The temple itself, though, is a recipe for rought fights, as each of its four entrances lead to a large central room. The temple is also home to a lot of solid loot, so this spot may be the site of many early battles. The main island contains what you'd expect of PUBG - lots of little towns and settlements - but it feels more organic - the villages are build into the contours of the terrain, rather than placed onto flat ground.

Where Do You Drop?

Right now, there are two good options for you. You can drop onto the mountain in the Northwest - it won't have much loot, but it's the highest spot on the entire map and gives you one hell of a sniper's vantage point. You could also drop into the Swamp Temple, and try to survive the inevitable bloodbath. Reach the upper levels of the Temple, grab what loot you can, and prepare for a rough fight.

Are Boats Useful?

Yes! Boats - and jetskis - are incredibly useful in this map, with its wide river providing easy access to every part of the map.

What Shouldn't You Do?

In Miramar and Erangel, you'd normally be able to hole up in a building - preferably an apartment building - and see enemies approaching from afar. In Savage, that strategy isnt' as valuable. Most settlements are set into depressions in the earth, or surrounded by thick forest, meaning you won't always be able to see people coming. Sniping isn't as valuable in this map as it used to be - be prepared for close-combat, even out in the open.

Otherwise, this is the same old PUBG, but more claustrophobic, with the action happening sooner and more frequently. Be safe out there, folks.

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