PUBG's Biggest Patch Ever Brings A Lot Of Small Changes (And Map Selection)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just got its biggest update ever, and there are tons of new things to find.

Let us stress this point: this update is huge. PC version 1.0 update 12 brings a ton of new content and balance changes to everyone’s favorite battle royale game, so let’s get right to it.

Weapon Balance

The first and biggest change to the game is balance changes to absolutely every weapon. All of them. Assault rifles are no longer the king of the ring (at least, that was the intent of the nerfs the devs threw at them) while nearly every other weapon got a buff. Pistols, in particular, got a huge damage increase--between 10% and 15% depending on the pistol.

Shotguns got a bit of love with a 25% decrease in pellet spread, although the S686 and S1897 do a bit less damage, and SMGs also got a damage boost overall. SMG’s also have less recoil and are quicker to place on your shoulder to make them overall handle much better than ever before.

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Assault rifles got hit with the nerf bat pretty hard. Most ARs do slightly less damage now, but handle significantly worse. All ARs now have increased recoil. The SCAR-L, M16A4, and the M416 all have 30% increased reload time, while the AKM takes an additional 10% longer to reload.

Some will mourn the loss of their favorite AR, while others will cheer the passing of the AR meta.

New Marksman Rifle

Another big cheer can be thrown for a brand new gun. This patch sees the entrance of the SLR, a designated marksman rifle to go alongside the SKS. The SLR uses 7.62mm ammunition, has a 10 round magazine (20 with the extended mag), and deals more damage than the SKS at the expense of additional recoil.

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The SKS, incidentally, had its damage nerfed to make way for the SLR.

A New Muscle Car (For Miramar)

Next on our list of brand new additions is the Mirado, a new vehicle for the deserts of Miramar. "The Mirado is a classic muscle car: a fast, four-seat sedan,” according to the patch notes. What better way to outrun an encroaching blue wall of death than with an obviously Camaro inspired car?

The Mirado is found in streets and alleys in downtown areas, and is said to perform great on the highway but poorly on sand. So stick with a pickup truck if you’re a fan of off-roading.

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But remember: the Mirado has fuzzy dice. They don’t block bullets or anything--they’re just for luck.

Level Three Helmets Limited To Airdrops

Another huge change is the removal of all level three helmets from all maps. Level three helmets still exist, but they can only be found in airdrop care packages. This will significantly increase the rarity of level three helmets while also making it generally easier to eliminate your opponents via headshots.



There are also 6 new gun attachments--3 grips, 2 scopes, and one shotgun attachment--as well as the ability to change the scopes center reticle via the pg up or pg down buttons. Change from red dot to a green circle with just a flip of the switch.

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Swimming has been nerfed. Or more accurately, diving underwater and holding your breath to avoid getting shot has been nerfed. You can now swim submerged for only 15 seconds before you start drowning, and the drowning damage has been more than doubled. Stay out of the water except in the direst of circumstances.

And finally, map selection has been added to the game. It’s been months of waiting, but you can finally say nuts to Erangel and only play on the new maps.

There’s more, and a ton of bug fixes, but you can check out the patch notes yourself. We’re too busy playing PUBG to hold your hand.


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