Punisher Actor Jon Bernthal Says Acting In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Was More Challenging Than TV Or Movies

Jon Bernthal has been in some really high-action scenes as an actor. In fact, his role as The Punisher in the Marvel series is pretty much nonstop action and The Walking Dead is not exactly calm either. However, he says he had a tougher time acting in Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint than acting for TV or movies.

Actors playing video game characters is becoming a thing nowadays. They've had their voices in games for quite some time now, but the featuring of their likenesses is something that's really catching on.

Keanu Reeves was recently unveiled as a Cyberpunk 2077 character and he will probably be one of the reasons newer fans get involved. Bernthal, meanwhile, is the main antagonist in Breakpoint.

The open-world adventure game was officially announced back in May and will launch on October 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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“Because there’s so many cameras in the room, it requires you doing it (the scene) in one perfect take,” Bernthal explained during an interview with News Corp Australia.

“You can’t have any flaws, any mess-ups, you can’t mess up a line. You can’t mess up choreography. Sometimes these are pretty elaborate 10 or 11-minute scenes. You do not have the ability to slice scenes together. You’ve got to get it perfect. I really dug that.”

He admitted that video game acting actually puts more pressure on actors than shooting for TV and film does.

“You spend the majority of your time perfecting it and getting it right and you finally shoot it. I like that,” he continued. “There’s nowhere to hide. The pressure’s high. Everybody’s got to work together to get that one perfect take, and I really wish more TV and film was shot that way. I think it makes it more raw and authentic.”

“Being a character in these games, you get to go into these people’s homes. You get to go into their gaming systems that they spend hours with.

“Unlike a movie, where you go to the theatre and spend two hours together, these folks are going to spend hours and hours and hours with these characters, and I can tell that meant so much to the people that made the game and was sort of why the path and the process was so geared towards perfection at all times, and why everybody took it so, so seriously."

Of course, we doubt Jon felt out of his depth working on this game. The man doesn't seem like anything could shake him, even in real life. So how about a new Punisher game now?

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