Quake Champions Is Going Full Fortnite And Introducing A Battle Pass, Dropping Loot Boxes

Quake Champions is getting rid of its slew of loot delivery systems in favor of a battle pass that looks a lot like Fortnite's.

Like it or not, Fortnite is such a global phenomenon that we're going to see a lot of other games try to emulate its success. Quake Champions is the latest to hop on the trend train by getting rid of its loot boxes and replacing them with a battle pass system. As you might imagine, there's going to be a sparse free version and a tempting paid version.

The Quake Champions battle pass will officially go into effect on December 20th, reports Eurogamer. Just like Fortnite, Quake Champions will also introduce seasons. A battle pass lasts for a season, and you can get into the paid tier anytime you like. If you do decide to fork over the money mid-season, you'll automatically unlock any premium rewards you missed out on earlier.

via: eurogamer.net

Interestingly enough, the move is widely viewed as a positive one. Many fans and critics were unhappy with Quake Champions' original reward system, one that was filled with several different types of unlock methods. There were runes that were given out for completing certain tasks, chests that would drop certain lower-tier items, and of course, the totally mystical backpacks.

The battle pass system will remove all but one of these, reliquaries, in favor of streamlining the way players earn things. Reliquaries are also being simplified compared to their current form; they'll offer a more diverse set of rewards, are guaranteed to give a legendary item, and have a very low chance of giving duplicates.

Also of note is a new unlock system that will let you target a specific champion. This will ensure that you can work towards getting the skins and shaders of your choice rather than waiting on a random lucky drop.

All of this doesn't mean that your loot boxes will poof away, however. Any chests and backpacks you have yet to open will remain even after the battle pass begins. Your leftover shards will become chests and your remaining favour will transform into backpacks.

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It's hard to say what the motivator for this move might be. Perhaps the developers were tuned into player complaints about the clunky progression system, and honestly wanted to make it easier. Or maybe they really did want to copy what Fortnite, and Black Ops 4, are doing. There's also the possibility that the recent U.S. investigation into the dangers of loot boxes spooked them, and they wanted to get ahead of any potential legislation.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that we live in a battle pass world now.

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