Wolfenstein Hero Gets His Own Quake Champions Trailer

Quake Champions will feature Wolfenstein protagonist BJ Blazkowicz among its playable characters.

Bethesda has released a trailer showcasing the star of Wolfenstein running amok in Quake Champions, turning foes into a gory mist. BJ Blazkowicz will be playable in Bethesda’s upcoming reboot of the competitive arena shooter series.

The footage shows BJ utilizing a unique active and passive ability, turning him into a formidable juggernaut in the heat of a match.

BJ’s active ability will be the capability to dual wield weapons, giving him a serious advantage in the arena when his ability is triggered. The trailer features Blazkowicz wielding two of the same weapon simultaneously, raining explosive chaos on defenseless foes with rocket launchers, and mowing down fleeing enemies with dual machine guns. His passive ability is being able to regenerate a set amount of health when he is out of combat. If players are able to take BJ out of the heat of the action for three seconds, he can recover any lost health within a 25 HP block. Not a bad advantage for a game where death is as constant a companion as your competition.

Via: bethesda.net

Blazkowicz is currently available for play in the Quake Champions closed beta, so players can try dual wielding rail guns as the badass Nazi slayer as soon as they sign up. The addition of the Wolfenstein series' singular protagonist is just part of a larger announcement at E3 that mentioned new maps, weapons, and custom game modes for Quake Champions.

Considering Bethesda’s success with rebooting most of developer Id Software’s IPs, Quake Champions probably won’t miss the mark for fans of the series. The addition of BJ, amidst new maps, weapons, and modes during the closed beta is also a good sign; Bethesda seems to want to add another notch to their belt at no additional cost to participating gamers. It’s also neat to see Bethesda taking full advantage of the Id creative properties they now possess, such as adding the star of the Wolfenstein series into a Quake game. If gamers are lucky, Quake Champions will end up having a Super Smash Bros. sized roster of Id characters to choose from when the game releases.


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