10 Questions We Still Have About Arthur Morgan After RDR2

Red Dead Redemption 2 does more than its predecessor to tell a complete, detailed story. Yet there are still things we don't know about Arthur Morgan.

Arthur Morgan is the main character in Red Dead Redemption 2 and players follow his path through the later years of his life. They watch as he makes decisions and helps those around him on side missions. He is a gunslinger who cares for children and has his own love interest.

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There are many layers to this man, but there are still several questions the game leaves unanswered. These questions will plague players until the end of time as his death is final and forever will be. Keep reading to learn about the ten questions we still have about Arthur Morgan after RDR2.

10 Why Was He Forgotten By Time?

When Arthur Morgan passes it seems like the memory of him ceases to exist. He saved John Marston's family, and yet they refuse to talk about him. Arthur's name was known across towns as he worked with multiple people to help them within the main and side missions, but upon his death, it seems his image was wiped from their memories.

The finality of his death is something we may never recover from as our own connection to him makes it seem unkind to cut him out completely.

9 How Could Arthur Not Lose Health on the Cold Lakes?

Arthur Morgan could walk over freezing water and not feel the effects of frostbite or his limbs falling off. It is unclear why the game makers made such a realistic world only to give him this strangely unrealistic quality.

He would become cold in the snowy regions without his coat, but the frozen lakes did not have any effects on his health. It was a strange phenomenon and one we may never find the answers to and it is a question the creators will never explain.

8 Why Did He Contract Tuberculosis?

Yes, we understand he was breathed on by Thomas Downes who had contracted the unfortunate disease, but why only him? Tuberculosis is spread through the air and spit, not to mention it was quite contagious back then.

If this is the case how did no one else in his gang or even the rest of Thomas Downes' family contract it? This is the question that plagues readers about his condition as it seems the contagious nature of it stopped when Arthur was infected.

7 Why Didn't He Run After Mary?

Arthur Morgan was supposed to leave the gang after his last heist and run away with Mary, but the ship was destroyed and he ended up stranded on Guarma instead. The question we all have is about why he didn't go after Mary when he came back home?

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Mary was fairly predictable and they had discussed where they were to run off to, so it can be assumed he could have found her if he wanted to. Instead, he decided to forego the love of his life and stay with the gang instead.

6 What Did Arthur Actually Achieve?

When you finish the emotional story with Arthur and you look back on his life, you are left wondering what he actually achieved. He helped people and yet he couldn't stop the turmoil of his life from winning in the end.

Dutch escaped and if you played the original Red Dead you would know the Marston's never truly lived a full life. All of Arthur's attempts at making the world a better place failed and his life was basically forfeit.

5 Why Couldn't He Run in Camp?

This has plagued players throughout the entire game as Arthurs brisk walk through camp slowed them down considerably. He walked quickly and with purpose, but why couldn't he run? It is understandable why he couldn't have his horse within the campground, but running never hurt anybody.

We wanted to run and have the freedom to charge from one place to the next without silly restrictions. It held us back as players and we will forever wonder why we're unable to run with Arthur Morgan all the way to the donation box.

4 What Did He Think Was Out There That Was Better?

Arthur Morgan always dreamed of a place beyond the gang which was better, but was there really anything out there? His entire life was with the gang and his time spent out of the gang was with a horrible father.

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He was allowed to visit a number of cities and he never decided they were good enough for him to settle down in, so why would anywhere else be different? His false hope confused us and we wish he would have gone with Mary Linton so we could have seen exactly what he was talking about in terms of a better life and place to live.

3 Where Did He Learn to Draw?

Arthur was raised by Dutch and Hosea when he was fifteen, so who taught him how to draw? It can be assumed Hosea taught him to write if he hadn't known how to already, but no one in his life was artistically inclined.

He could have been self-taught, but what made him decide to pick up a journal and start tracking the events of his horrible life? He never expected anyone to read it and in the end, it all seemed like a pointless venture.

2 Why Did Arthur Still Believe Dutch Even at His End?

Arthur believed up until the end that Dutch had the ability to change. He thought Dutch could be redeemed of his ways and turn it around for the good of the gang, even after it was proven that Dutch was too far gone.

Arthur was a loyal man, but why couldn't he see the madness in front of his eyes? He still views Dutch as the man who raised him and refuses to raise a hand against him, which only leads to problems for the Marston family in the original Red Dead Game.

1 Why Did He Choose the Same Path as His Horrible Father?

Arthur's father was a criminal who was always running from the law and was eventually killed for his crimes. Arthur repeatedly states how the two of them had never gotten along, so the question remains about his choice in a career path.

He decided to follow his father's path of criminal activity, rather than better himself as his mother probably would have wanted for him. It leaves fans questioning his decision-making skills and a need to know more about his final decision to join a band of outlaws.

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