Quickplay Bug Sending Low Level Anthem Players To Game's Final Mission

Bioware's Anthem has proven to be quite the headache where bugs and connection issues are concerned. The game's demo saw to the realization that many things needed addressing, but it's since been brought to the attention of players that the final mission could be reached in little to no time.

Apparently, a bug in quickplay is sending low-level players straight to the game's climactic battle very unprepared.

When in Anthem's mission select screen, selecting quickplay is meant to take one to an appropriate group that needs one more player. However, in certain cases, the game ignores level restrictions and just throws players into the deep end that is the very last mission therein.

A Twitch video shows streamer Brandon Larned capturing the moment when a level three player appeared in the battle.

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Although you can't see the player's level in the video, he can clearly be heard saying that he hadn't played the story mission as of yet, before being asked to leave. While he took heed, another level two player did not follow suit.

There also seems to be an issue with the level indicator, with a Redditor posting that a level 16 friend was showing up as a level nine. That is not the case with the player in the clip, though, as he was quite taken aback by his stumbling onto the game's last mission.

"Been seeing a ton of posts (and twitch clips) of people claiming low-level players are being put into their missions, but that's not the case," the post reads. "The level indicator when people join your games is bugged. My buddy is level 16 and when he joined my mission just now it said he was Level 9."

Anthem's lead producer Ben Irving has since confirmed the existence of said bug via Twitter, so it would probably be wise to just refrain from quickplay until it's fixed.

Meanwhile, the title is already available for Origin Premier members. Everyone else will be able to get it when it launches on February 22.

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