10 Quotes From Final Fantasy 10 That Will Stay With Us Forever

Final Fantasy 10 was the first game in the series to feature voice acting, and some of the quotes it produced still stick with us.

Being the first voiced title of the series, it was evident that expectations were sky-high for the tenth mainline Final Fantasy entry. Upon release, Final Fantasy X not only met these expectations but surpassed them in every way, shape, and form, garnering widespread critical and commercial acclaim to become one of the most successful and accessible titles in the series.

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While we can go at length talking about the stellar gameplay, mechanics, graphics, audio, and other nigh-perfect elements of the title, the main focus of this particular list will be on the story. To be more exact, we've taken out 10 of Final Fantasy X's most memorable quotes that fans remember with a heavy heart after finishing this absolute gem of a title.

10 "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" — Tidus

Let's start on a light-hearted note by talking about perhaps the most meme-able moment in the entire game. While this moment might sound absolutely horrible out of context, the idea of Tidus laughing in such an inane manner is actually quite endearing if looked at from a story point of view.

It's one of the first few moments when Yuna and Tidus actually bond, with the latter's worries ebbing away with such a cheerful display of tomfoolery.


Say what you will about Wakka, the man does have his funny moments. While a lot of people might not be particularly fond of this Blitzball aficionado, the fact of the matter is that he's definitely an integral member of the party.

For the uninitiated, a "Shoopuff" refers to a huge animal used for transport in Final Fantasy X, similar to a Silt Strider from Morrowind. It's a unique insult that will definitely elicit a chuckle from anyone who unexpectedly hears this line in the game.

8 "I've... Learned How To Smile... Even When I'm Feeling Sad." — Yuna

The fate of summoners in the Final Fantasy X universe is nothing short of despicable, and the fact that Yuna had resigned herself to this fate is something that speaks volumes for the selfless nature of this character.

This quote is perhaps the best way to personify the melancholy nature of this character and the fate she'd signed herself off to.

7 "Yunie Will Die, Y'Know?" — Rikku

People might give Tidus a ton of shtick for being a sub-par main character (or at least, that's what most people might feel). However, the fact of the matter is that this character is naive for understandable reasons, being thrown into a world which he has little to no clue about.

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The manner in which Rikku reveals Yuna's tragic fate is a wake-up call for Tidus, making him realize that the mission he's on doesn't exactly have a happy ending.

6 "I'll Continue. I Must. If I Give Up Now... I Could Do Anything I Wanted To, And Yet... Even If I Was With You, I Could Never Forget." — Yuna

The entire "Suteki Da Ne" sequence is one of the most beautiful moments in Final Fantasy X, culminating in the established romance of Tidus and Yuna. It's perhaps the most iconic romantic relationship in the entire series, and for good reason.

After this event, Yuna utters some incredibly bittersweet lines that would elicit a tear in even the most stoic of individuals.

5 "I Know It Sounds Selfish... But This Is My Story!" — Tidus

Of course, if you know anything about Final Fantasy games, it's that the heroes will always fight in the face of adversity and succeed with flying colors.

The final fight with Yu Yevon — while highly disappointing — is a testament to this fact, featuring this iconic line from Tidus before he fades away into nothingness.

4 "Now! This Is It! Now Is The Time To Choose! Die, And Be Free Of Pain, Or Live, And Fight Your Sorrow! Now Is The Time To Shape Your Stories. Your Fate Is In Your Hands!" — Auron

The fight against Lady Yunalesca is one of the most intense boss fights in the game, and perhaps the hardest of the lot if you only count compulsory boss encounters.

It's a battle made all the more intense by Auron's rousing speech, collating the current situation of the heroes along with his past regrets all into one incredible line of dialogue that just cements how badass this character actually is.

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Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that Auron has the most imposing physical presence early on in the game.

3 "Yuna, I Have To Go... I'm Sorry I Couldn't Show You Zanarkand... Goodbye!" —Tidus

The ending of Final Fantasy X is one of the most tear-jerking scenes in any video game by a country mile.

It's a scene made all the more emotional by Tidus' heartfelt goodbye to Yuna, fading along with all the other dreams of the fayth as he enters the Farplane.

2 "The People And The Friends That We Have Lost, Or The Dreams That Have Faded... Never Forget Them." — Yuna

Losing your loved one is a harrowing event in every sense of the word, and props need to be given to Yuna for staying as strong as she did during her final rousing speech as the game draws to a close.

Her last words are a message to herself along with the rest of the world, as Tidus still lies heavy in her mind.

1 "Listen To My Story. This May Be Our Last Chance." — Tidus

These lines are the first spoken lines in the Final Fantasy series, and they've also proven to be highly iconic in every sense of the word.

The story that Tidus narrates is perhaps one of the best stories ever told in the history of video games — a statement that can be corroborated by anyone who's experienced the brilliance of this title for themselves.

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