Rage 2 Adds New Game+ and Ironman Modes In Latest Update

Rage 2 is still getting support with new game modes, difficulty settings, and quality of life improvements.

Rage 2

Rage 2 is getting a New Game+ and Ironman game modes in its next update.

Despite the fact that Rage 2 isn’t doing nearly as well as its predecessor, Bethesda is still supporting the sequel that nobody asked for with an update that adds more game mods, fixes bugs, and adds quality of life improvements.

According to the official Rage 2 Twitter account, the game will get New Game+ and Ironman mode, which are hardly new but should add some replayability to Rage 2’s campaign. New Game+ will allow the game to be experienced again while keeping your weapons, inventory, and character Nanotrite ability progression, while Ironman mode will presumably give the player a single life by deleting the save file after death.

We say presumably since that’s how ironman mode works in most games. We’ll have to wait for more details to confirm.

Next are a pair of new difficulty settings: Ultra and Nightmare, with Ultra being harder than Hard and Nightmare being harder still. Expect tougher, more powerful enemies and maybe even more of them besides.

Along with the new game modes will also come some bug fixes and quality of life improvements such as an added flashlight and skippable Ark tutorials. A flashlight is something that every first-person shooter needs since no matter how bright you think your game is, someone out there will always say it's too damned dark and wish there was a flashlight.

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The update is set to release July 25th, so not too long to wait.

If that's not enough to keep you playing Rage 2, Bethesda also has a few in-game events going on. Today is the last day of the Wasteland Challenge Rewind, which will provide players that take part in killing 1,000,000 Goons all rewards from all previous challenges to date, including the recently-ended Global Worming event that gave players 15 Nanotrite Boosters, 15 Life Glands, 15 Weapon Core Mods, the Apparition Shotgun Skin, as well as the one-wheel Armadillo vehicle.

Also, the Burnout Assault Rifle skin will be available for the last time today, or at least until they do another Wasteland Challenge Rewind.

Next week is a Doom-themed event that will see strange balls of fire falling from the sky. If all players loot 250,000 meteor sites in total, everyone gets the Doom Bringer Shotgun skin. You can guess what that will look like.

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