Rage 2: 10 Top Features Confirmed So Far

Rage 2 is coming up in May 2019. We have some features confirmed about the next game from id Software, Avalanche Studios and Bethesda.

With less than a month left, Rage 2 is undoubtedly one of the upcoming open-world first person shooters to look forward to. The original Rage left such an average impression that everyone was surprised to hear Bethesda Softworks publishing its sequel. But seeing the gameplay trailer, it felt like the proper sequel the original Rage deserves.

The game features an immersive post-apocalyptic open world with a combination of gameplay mechanisms from Mad Max and Doom, both being previous titles of the game’s joint developers, id Software & Avalanche Studios. But are these features really ones to look forward to? Let’s find out.

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10 Spend Some Dollars

Are you one of those shopaholics who can't stop buying even in-game? Rage 2 caters just to your needs. It features various shops where you can buy weapons, projectiles and even grab a drink at a bar whenever you feel like socializing.

Even with a post-apocalyptic setting, the original Rage had two in-game currencies, Dollars and Racing Certificates. Rage 2 also features a currency but it is still unknown. You can earn money from main story missions, side missions and races. With those, you can buy different weapons and their upgrades, ammo, health packs, vehicle mods or just for leisurely provisions.

9 A Life Without Loading

There is no loading screen in Rage 2. Speaking to PlayStation Magazine, Tim Willits of Avalanche Studios had said that the game will feature no loading screen at all, thus creating a completely immersive experience.

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The original Rage was a supposed open-world shooter, whereas it actually was a big game connected by different missions restricted to different locations. Thus, moving from one mission to another always had a huge loading time. But this confirmation not only gives the sequel a wholesome open-world experience, but also acts as an enticement to people who absolutely loathes loading screens.

8 Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes

You must be wondering, “Cheat Codes? Did I read that right?” Yes. Yes you did. The Rage 2: Deluxe Edition Pack will feature cheat codes, which you can use for awesome abilities in game or for an XP booster.

In their mission to show how crazy Rage 2 is, Bethesda announced that the Deluxe Edition of the game will have an NPC called the Wasteland Wizard. He will sell to you the wildest of features for in-game currency, including an NBA Jam Voice Commentary, an ability that explodes things on contact, a protective field of electricity, a "Rejector Seat" that ejects the car into the air with even more cheats to come.

7 Big Big Guns

Big guns, small guns, different Ammo, customization or a weapons' Overdrive, you name it. Rage 2 has it all! There is also the return of Wingstick from the original Rage, which is the offspring of an overhead fan and a throwing knife.

Even with it being set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game features an arsenal of futuristic weapons. There are the basic pistols, rail guns, rocket launchers, Hyper Cannon and a combat shotgun. There are no sniper rifles, as the developers want you to get up close and personal. There is also the fan-favorite Grav-Dart Launcher which launches your enemies into the air.

6 Can You Steal It?


The first question that pops into anyone’s head while playing an open-world game is, “Can I steal that?” With Grand Theft Auto, it became the feature to have in any game that had vehicles. Rage 2 will surely fulfill everyone’s evil desire, as you can steal any vehicle that you see.

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In the game, you will have three different types of vehicles for yourself, combat cars, supercharged bikes and gyrocopters a.k.a. Hoverbikes. But in addition to those, you will get to steal any other vehicle as you wish to and add them to your personal collection. Pretty neat right?


Rage 2 has loads of weapons, but what sets its combat into a unique view are its Nanotrite Abilities that give the opportunity to be creative in combat. Apart from combat abilities, you will have movement-based abilities such as double jump and dashing. Combining all of them into combat you can wreak havoc on goons and River Hogs.

The combat based abilities consist of Ground Slam with which you plummet into the ground and create a shock wave, Shatter which is the Skyrim's Fus-Ro-Duh equivalent of Rage 2, Vortex Grenade that literally creates a small black hole and last but not least, Barrier, the self-explanatory ability which sets up a shield to absorb bullets and many more abilities still under development.

4 Race To Your Deaths

Like its predecessor, Rage 2 features different racing competitions. The one currently known of is the Chaz Car Derby, where you have to race through a dessert canyon track while avoiding pools of toxic slime. You can't expect a Forza experience, but it is enticing nonetheless.

As the game supports vehicle customization, be sure to load up your vehicle with different weapons and projectiles. With your vehicular boost, you can smash into competitors’ vehicles. Also, you can upgrade your vehicle with in-game currency, so be sure to look forward to that. But, the most interesting part is that you can challenge different NPC characters to race at any time.

3 The Enemy Of Your Enemy Might Be Your Enemy

Within the story-line set by Rage, it has passed more than three decades since that game’s ending. With that, the various groups of bandits, outlaws, outcasts and monsters changed as well. There are supposedly 5 different factions of enemies and it is still unconfirmed if you can join a faction or not. But you can expect them to be enemies nonetheless.

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The factions consist of The Goon Squad who are basically groups of bandits, The Authority who are a group of vicious fascists who aim to take control, The Immortal Shrouded who are a Samurai-like militaristic group, River Hogs, a gang who lurks in the swampland and finally, The Abadon, a group of mutants retaining from the original game. You can find them fighting by themselves at any time, as well.

2 Get On TV

Always wanted to get on TV and kill mutants live? This is your chance! It originally featured in Rage, but it is made wholesome in its sequel. It is basically a Smash wave-based game of death and you are broadcasted on the Mutant Bash TV while you fight off hordes of mutants.

You will get to use all of your abilities and weapons. Whether it is a main mission like the predecessor, that’s unclear, but you can hope to have a violent experience while battling against the mutants while getting famous in-game.

1 No Multiplayer

Even with Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA: Online utilizing their vast world to their utmost potential via online multiplayer mode, the developers of Rage 2 decided otherwise. According to them, the singleplayer experience will be more than enough to give a wholesome experience to players.

Tim Willits, Studio Director of id Software said, “ You can do anything, you just can’t do everything. So we focused on what works best for us.” Thus, they are giving their best with a well-stitched singleplayer experience with a main story-line, different side quests and DLCs yet to be announced.

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