Rage 2 Is Now A Dreamcast Game, But Only On One Dreamcast

Bethesda is giving away a Sega Dreamcast that can play Rage 2.

Bethesda is giving away a Sega Dreamcast that can play Rage 2. You read that correctly.

In a tweet, the official Rage 2 account revealed the contest. All players have to do is follow the account and retweet the contest itself and they’ll be given the chance to win a custom PC designed to look exactly like Sega’s final console. The unit is priced at around $590 USD, but you won’t be able to just pick this up at your local store. Still, if you win, the Dreamcast comes complete with HDMI ports, so you won’t be fumbling with AUX cables like it’s 1999 again. And just in case you don’t trust Bethesda, they tweeted a photo of the game running on the Dreamcast. What a wild time to be alive.

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The sweepstakes run until May 3, 2019, at 11:59 p.m., so those interested have a little more time to jump in on the action. The contest extends to anyone living in the United States or Canada, excluding Quebec (sorry to our readers in La Belle Province), and your Twitter account must be public so their agents can check to see if you’re real.

Developed by iD Software — the minds behind shooter juggernauts like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake — the game is a sequel to the original title which released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the third entry in the series with Rage: Mutant Bash TV releasing on iOS in 2010. Rage 2 lets players take control of Walker, the last ranger left on earth after the planet was hit by an asteroid. Taking notes from Mad Max, the game looks to be chock-full of mayhem and carnage. It’s just a matter of waiting now. The game isn’t far off from a release day, either. In fact, the game is set to release May 14, 2019. The title was announced at E3 2018, shortly after Walmart Canada leaked the reveal.

While the shock value went away with the leak, Bethesda has done a good job at keeping fans excited about the game, and this Dreamcast contest is the perfect blend of strange and cool to get players talking about the next big shooter to hit the market.

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