Rage 2 Easter Egg Reveals The Ultimate Fate Of... Elon Musk

Rage 2 has an easter egg that pokes a little fun at Elon Musk, the entrepreneur billionaire that made a bunch of flamethrowers that one time.

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Rage 2 has an easter egg that pokes a little fun at everyone’s favorite electric car-building billionaire, Elon Musk.

From Tesla CEO to SpaceX President, Elon Musk is the tech billionaire with a dream. We’re not quite sure what that dream is, but it seems to mostly be straight out of a cyberpunk dystopia. Think Blade Runner, only with less clones and more electric cars. And also flamethrowers.

Musk also makes a lot of headlines for his outspoken and often controversial views. That might be why he’s managed to worm his way into Rage 2 as a fun little easter egg.

Hidden in the wasteland of Rage 2 is a bunker in the side of a mountain. Entering this bunker reveals it to be the home of Elton Tusk, the eccentric billionaire scientist and entrepreneur that created amazing technologies back when the Earth still had a functioning human society.

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But then an asteroid showed up and killed everyone. But not Tusk, oh no. Tusk knew what to do in order to survive the apocalypse, and that was to take shelter inside a specially made underground bunker built into the side of a mountain.

Along the walls are posters describing Tusk’s many accomplishments, like space travel, nanotechnology, and Martian terraforming. Once you’ve taken the elevator some hundreds of feet down, there will be data pads strewn about that tell of Tusk’s final fate following the end of the world.

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Tusk is alive, as it turns out, and he’ll taunt and belittle you as you make your way throughout the bunker. As you get closer to the source, you eventually learn that Tusk survived when so many others had died by essentially sticking his brain in a jar and calling it a day.

Well, not entire. He also hooked up his brain to the facility’s systems so he could do something other than float there and think brain-in-jar thoughts. But sadly the systems degraded over the years without anyone to maintain them, and it’s mostly just been Tusk slowly going insane for the last little while.

And this isn’t too far from reality. The real Elon Musk founded Neuralink Corporation two years ago to explore brain implants and other neurological devices. Maybe he too wants to eventually become a brain in a jar?

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